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Famous Writers

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10/10 Benjamin Franklin popularity 10/10  Benjamin Franklin quotes5/10 Max Beerbohm popularity 5/10  Max Beerbohm quotes
10/10 Carrie Fisher popularity 10/10  Carrie Fisher quotes5/10 Milovan Djilas popularity 5/10  Milovan Djilas quotes
10/10 Clint Eastwood popularity 10/10  Clint Eastwood quotes5/10 Merrit Malloy popularity 5/10  Merrit Malloy quotes
10/10 Edgar Allan Poe popularity 10/10  Edgar Allan Poe quotes5/10 Nancy Mitford popularity 5/10  Nancy Mitford quotes
10/10 Langston Hughes popularity 10/10  Langston Hughes quotes5/10 Nancy Willard popularity 5/10  Nancy Willard quotes
10/10 Mark Twain popularity 10/10  Mark Twain quotes5/10 Lloyd C. Douglas popularity 5/10  Lloyd C. Douglas quotes
10/10 Stephen King popularity 10/10  Stephen King quotes5/10 Laurence Sterne popularity 5/10  Laurence Sterne quotes
10/10 Viggo Mortensen popularity 10/10  Viggo Mortensen quotes5/10 Lawrence Clark Powell popularity 5/10  Lawrence Clark Powell quotes
9/10 Voltaire popularity 9/10  Voltaire quotes5/10 Kin Hubbard popularity 5/10  Kin Hubbard quotes
9/10 Thomas Paine popularity 9/10  Thomas Paine quotes5/10 Johnathan Larson popularity 5/10  Johnathan Larson quotes
9/10 William Faulkner popularity 9/10  William Faulkner quotes5/10 Joseph Brodsky popularity 5/10  Joseph Brodsky quotes
9/10 William Shatner popularity 9/10  William Shatner quotes5/10 Joseph Hall popularity 5/10  Joseph Hall quotes
9/10 Willy Wonka popularity 9/10  Willy Wonka quotes5/10 June Jordan popularity 5/10  June Jordan quotes
9/10 Zora Neale Hurston popularity 9/10  Zora Neale Hurston quotes5/10 Josiah Gilbert Holland popularity 5/10  Josiah Gilbert Holland quotes
9/10 Roger Ebert popularity 9/10  Roger Ebert quotes5/10 Ken MacLeod popularity 5/10  Ken MacLeod quotes
9/10 Rudyard Kipling popularity 9/10  Rudyard Kipling quotes5/10 Karla Mclaren popularity 5/10  Karla Mclaren quotes
9/10 Ray Bradbury popularity 9/10  Ray Bradbury quotes5/10 Gordon R. Dickson popularity 5/10  Gordon R. Dickson quotes
9/10 Mel Brooks popularity 9/10  Mel Brooks quotes5/10 Giovanni Guareschi popularity 5/10  Giovanni Guareschi quotes
9/10 Nathaniel Hawthorne popularity 9/10  Nathaniel Hawthorne quotes5/10 Israel Zangwill popularity 5/10  Israel Zangwill quotes
9/10 John Steinbeck popularity 9/10  John Steinbeck quotes5/10 Imamu Amiri Baraka popularity 5/10  Imamu Amiri Baraka quotes
9/10 Kate Chopin popularity 9/10  Kate Chopin quotes5/10 Hinton Helper popularity 5/10  Hinton Helper quotes
9/10 Harper Lee popularity 9/10  Harper Lee quotes5/10 Helen Rowland popularity 5/10  Helen Rowland quotes
9/10 Harriet Beecher Stowe popularity 9/10  Harriet Beecher Stowe quotes5/10 Henri Frederic Amiel popularity 5/10  Henri Frederic Amiel quotes
9/10 Hugh Laurie popularity 9/10  Hugh Laurie quotes5/10 Henry Clay Work popularity 5/10  Henry Clay Work quotes
9/10 Jack London popularity 9/10  Jack London quotes5/10 John Kendrick Bangs popularity 5/10  John Kendrick Bangs quotes
9/10 Dr. Seuss popularity 9/10  Dr. Seuss quotes5/10 John Cotton Dana popularity 5/10  John Cotton Dana quotes
9/10 Elie Wiesel popularity 9/10  Elie Wiesel quotes5/10 John Evelyn popularity 5/10  John Evelyn quotes
9/10 Ernest Hemingway popularity 9/10  Ernest Hemingway quotes5/10 John Arbuthnot popularity 5/10  John Arbuthnot quotes
9/10 Frank Lloyd Wright popularity 9/10  Frank Lloyd Wright quotes5/10 John Aubrey popularity 5/10  John Aubrey quotes
9/10 Geena Davis popularity 9/10  Geena Davis quotes5/10 Jim Murray popularity 5/10  Jim Murray quotes
9/10 Charlie Chaplin popularity 9/10  Charlie Chaplin quotes5/10 Jerome K. Jerome popularity 5/10  Jerome K. Jerome quotes
9/10 Bobby Darin popularity 9/10  Bobby Darin quotes5/10 Jann Wenner popularity 5/10  Jann Wenner quotes
9/10 Abigail Adams popularity 9/10  Abigail Adams quotes5/10 Jean Ingelow popularity 5/10  Jean Ingelow quotes
9/10 Alice Walker popularity 9/10  Alice Walker quotes5/10 Jean Kerr popularity 5/10  Jean Kerr quotes
9/10 Ayn Rand popularity 9/10  Ayn Rand quotes5/10 James Wilcox popularity 5/10  James Wilcox quotes
8/10 Arthur C. Clarke popularity 8/10  Arthur C. Clarke quotes5/10 James F. Cooper popularity 5/10  James F. Cooper quotes
8/10 August Wilson popularity 8/10  August Wilson quotes5/10 J. G. Ballard popularity 5/10  J. G. Ballard quotes
8/10 Amy Tan popularity 8/10  Amy Tan quotes5/10 James A. Michener popularity 5/10  James A. Michener quotes
8/10 Andy Rooney popularity 8/10  Andy Rooney quotes5/10 Jacob Bronowski popularity 5/10  Jacob Bronowski quotes
8/10 Ambrose Bierce popularity 8/10  Ambrose Bierce quotes5/10 DAVID GRAYSON popularity 5/10  DAVID GRAYSON quotes
8/10 Al Franken popularity 8/10  Al Franken quotes5/10 Dame Mary Gilmore popularity 5/10  Dame Mary Gilmore quotes
8/10 Abbie Hoffman popularity 8/10  Abbie Hoffman quotes5/10 Christopher Fry popularity 5/10  Christopher Fry quotes
8/10 Alan Watts popularity 8/10  Alan Watts quotes5/10 David McCord popularity 5/10  David McCord quotes
8/10 Albert Ellis popularity 8/10  Albert Ellis quotes5/10 Dorothy Fields popularity 5/10  Dorothy Fields quotes
8/10 Ben Stein popularity 8/10  Ben Stein quotes5/10 Dorothy Thompson popularity 5/10  Dorothy Thompson quotes
8/10 Bill Maher popularity 8/10  Bill Maher quotes5/10 Edward Carpenter popularity 5/10  Edward Carpenter quotes
8/10 Charlotte Perkins Gilman popularity 8/10  Charlotte Perkins Gilman quotes5/10 Enid Bagnold popularity 5/10  Enid Bagnold quotes
8/10 Clive Barker popularity 8/10  Clive Barker quotes5/10 Eric Temple Bell popularity 5/10  Eric Temple Bell quotes
8/10 Chinua Achebe popularity 8/10  Chinua Achebe quotes5/10 Ellen Key popularity 5/10  Ellen Key quotes
8/10 Clarence Darrow popularity 8/10  Clarence Darrow quotes5/10 Fran Lebowitz popularity 5/10  Fran Lebowitz quotes
8/10 Carson McCullers popularity 8/10  Carson McCullers quotes5/10 Eugenio Montale popularity 5/10  Eugenio Montale quotes
8/10 Carlos Castaneda popularity 8/10  Carlos Castaneda quotes5/10 Ernestine Rose popularity 5/10  Ernestine Rose quotes
8/10 Carlos Fuentes popularity 8/10  Carlos Fuentes quotes5/10 Gail Godwin popularity 5/10  Gail Godwin quotes
8/10 Carol Gilligan popularity 8/10  Carol Gilligan quotes5/10 Francois Fenelon popularity 5/10  Francois Fenelon quotes
8/10 Charles Bukowski popularity 8/10  Charles Bukowski quotes5/10 Geoff Johns popularity 5/10  Geoff Johns quotes
8/10 Charles de Gaulle popularity 8/10  Charles de Gaulle quotes5/10 Gerald Durrell popularity 5/10  Gerald Durrell quotes
8/10 Garrison Keillor popularity 8/10  Garrison Keillor quotes5/10 George Ade popularity 5/10  George Ade quotes
8/10 Franz Kafka popularity 8/10  Franz Kafka quotes5/10 Gerard de Nerval popularity 5/10  Gerard de Nerval quotes
8/10 Gabriel Garcia Marquez popularity 8/10  Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes5/10 Charles Sanders Peirce popularity 5/10  Charles Sanders Peirce quotes
8/10 Eudora Welty popularity 8/10  Eudora Welty quotes5/10 Charles W. Chesnutt popularity 5/10  Charles W. Chesnutt quotes
8/10 Elizabeth Bishop popularity 8/10  Elizabeth Bishop quotes5/10 Clarence Day popularity 5/10  Clarence Day quotes
8/10 Emily Carr popularity 8/10  Emily Carr quotes5/10 Comte de Mirabeau popularity 5/10  Comte de Mirabeau quotes
8/10 Eratosthenes popularity 8/10  Eratosthenes quotes5/10 Charles Caleb Colton popularity 5/10  Charles Caleb Colton quotes
8/10 Dylan Thomas popularity 8/10  Dylan Thomas quotes5/10 Charles R. Swindoll popularity 5/10  Charles R. Swindoll quotes
8/10 Dorothy Parker popularity 8/10  Dorothy Parker quotes5/10 Bob Monkhouse popularity 5/10  Bob Monkhouse quotes
8/10 Douglas Adams popularity 8/10  Douglas Adams quotes5/10 Benjamin Cardozo popularity 5/10  Benjamin Cardozo quotes
8/10 Edward Lear popularity 8/10  Edward Lear quotes5/10 Brian Aldiss popularity 5/10  Brian Aldiss quotes
8/10 Claude McKay popularity 8/10  Claude McKay quotes5/10 C. Northcote Parkinson popularity 5/10  C. Northcote Parkinson quotes
8/10 Dan Aykroyd popularity 8/10  Dan Aykroyd quotes5/10 C. W. Ceram popularity 5/10  C. W. Ceram quotes
8/10 Danielle Steel popularity 8/10  Danielle Steel quotes5/10 Alan Bennett popularity 5/10  Alan Bennett quotes
8/10 Dave Barry popularity 8/10  Dave Barry quotes5/10 Alfred Jarry popularity 5/10  Alfred Jarry quotes
8/10 Jack Handy popularity 8/10  Jack Handy quotes5/10 Alphonse de Lamartine popularity 5/10  Alphonse de Lamartine quotes
8/10 J.R.R. Tolkien popularity 8/10  J.R.R. Tolkien quotes5/10 Amanda Cross popularity 5/10  Amanda Cross quotes
8/10 James Herriot popularity 8/10  James Herriot quotes5/10 Allan Cunningham popularity 5/10  Allan Cunningham quotes
8/10 James Thurber popularity 8/10  James Thurber quotes5/10 Antonio Gala popularity 5/10  Antonio Gala quotes
8/10 Jane Austen popularity 8/10  Jane Austen quotes5/10 Baltasar Gracian popularity 5/10  Baltasar Gracian quotes
8/10 Jean Toomer popularity 8/10  Jean Toomer quotes5/10 Bayard Taylor popularity 5/10  Bayard Taylor quotes
8/10 Jean-Jacques Rousseau popularity 8/10  Jean-Jacques Rousseau quotes5/10 Augustine Birrell popularity 5/10  Augustine Birrell quotes
8/10 Joanne Kathleen Rowling popularity 8/10  Joanne Kathleen Rowling quotes5/10 Anthony Hope popularity 5/10  Anthony Hope quotes
8/10 John C. Holmes popularity 8/10  John C. Holmes quotes5/10 Arthur Brisbane popularity 5/10  Arthur Brisbane quotes
8/10 John Greenleaf Whittier popularity 8/10  John Greenleaf Whittier quotes3/10 Beatrice Potter Webb popularity 3/10  Beatrice Potter Webb quotes
8/10 John Irving popularity 8/10  John Irving quotes3/10 Arthur Hugh Clough popularity 3/10  Arthur Hugh Clough quotes
8/10 Ian Fleming popularity 8/10  Ian Fleming quotes3/10 Anne Roiphe popularity 3/10  Anne Roiphe quotes
8/10 Isaac Asimov popularity 8/10  Isaac Asimov quotes3/10 Alice James popularity 3/10  Alice James quotes
8/10 Isabel Allende popularity 8/10  Isabel Allende quotes3/10 Ben Hecht popularity 3/10  Ben Hecht quotes
8/10 Henry James popularity 8/10  Henry James quotes3/10 Charles Reznikoff popularity 3/10  Charles Reznikoff quotes
8/10 Herman Melville popularity 8/10  Herman Melville quotes3/10 George V. Higgins popularity 3/10  George V. Higgins quotes
8/10 Henry Miller popularity 8/10  Henry Miller quotes3/10 Garson Kanin popularity 3/10  Garson Kanin quotes
8/10 Gertrude Stein popularity 8/10  Gertrude Stein quotes3/10 Dr. Laurence J. Peter popularity 3/10  Dr. Laurence J. Peter quotes
8/10 Gloria Steinem popularity 8/10  Gloria Steinem quotes3/10 Dorothy L. Sayers popularity 3/10  Dorothy L. Sayers quotes
8/10 Graham Greene popularity 8/10  Graham Greene quotes3/10 David Starr Jordan popularity 3/10  David Starr Jordan quotes
8/10 Guy de Maupassant popularity 8/10  Guy de Maupassant quotes3/10 Doris Lilly popularity 3/10  Doris Lilly quotes
8/10 Katherine Mansfield popularity 8/10  Katherine Mansfield quotes3/10 Ivy Compton-Burnett popularity 3/10  Ivy Compton-Burnett quotes
8/10 Ken Kesey popularity 8/10  Ken Kesey quotes3/10 Jane Howard popularity 3/10  Jane Howard quotes
8/10 John Updike popularity 8/10  John Updike quotes3/10 Jeremy Bernstein popularity 3/10  Jeremy Bernstein quotes
8/10 Jose Marti popularity 8/10  Jose Marti quotes3/10 Joan Delano Aiken popularity 3/10  Joan Delano Aiken quotes
8/10 Kenneth Branagh popularity 8/10  Kenneth Branagh quotes3/10 Henry Brooks Adams popularity 3/10  Henry Brooks Adams quotes
8/10 Laura Dern popularity 8/10  Laura Dern quotes3/10 Henry Longhurst popularity 3/10  Henry Longhurst quotes
8/10 Niccolo Machiavelli popularity 8/10  Niccolo Machiavelli quotes3/10 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing popularity 3/10  Gotthold Ephraim Lessing quotes
8/10 Nicholas Sparks popularity 8/10  Nicholas Sparks quotes3/10 H. Allen Smith popularity 3/10  H. Allen Smith quotes
8/10 Nancy Friday popularity 8/10  Nancy Friday quotes3/10 Harold L. Ickes popularity 3/10  Harold L. Ickes quotes
8/10 Michael Crichton popularity 8/10  Michael Crichton quotes3/10 Harold Ross popularity 3/10  Harold Ross quotes
8/10 Moliere popularity 8/10  Moliere quotes3/10 Joyce Cary popularity 3/10  Joyce Cary quotes
8/10 Margaret Fuller popularity 8/10  Margaret Fuller quotes3/10 Kate Seredy popularity 3/10  Kate Seredy quotes
8/10 Margaret Atwood popularity 8/10  Margaret Atwood quotes3/10 Joseph L. Mankiewicz popularity 3/10  Joseph L. Mankiewicz quotes
8/10 Raymond Chandler popularity 8/10  Raymond Chandler quotes3/10 Jose Bergamin popularity 3/10  Jose Bergamin quotes
8/10 Richard Bach popularity 8/10  Richard Bach quotes3/10 Joseph Wood Krutch popularity 3/10  Joseph Wood Krutch quotes
8/10 Rita Mae Brown popularity 8/10  Rita Mae Brown quotes3/10 Lincoln Kirstein popularity 3/10  Lincoln Kirstein quotes
8/10 Norman Vincent Peale popularity 8/10  Norman Vincent Peale quotes3/10 Logan Pearsall Smith popularity 3/10  Logan Pearsall Smith quotes
8/10 O. Henry popularity 8/10  O. Henry quotes3/10 Natalie Clifford Barney popularity 3/10  Natalie Clifford Barney quotes
8/10 Octavio Paz popularity 8/10  Octavio Paz quotes3/10 Michael Winner popularity 3/10  Michael Winner quotes
8/10 Ogden Nash popularity 8/10  Ogden Nash quotes3/10 Mary Ellen Chase popularity 3/10  Mary Ellen Chase quotes
8/10 Oliver Wendell Holmes popularity 8/10  Oliver Wendell Holmes quotes3/10 Marya Mannes popularity 3/10  Marya Mannes quotes
8/10 Orson Welles popularity 8/10  Orson Welles quotes3/10 R. Scott Bakker popularity 3/10  R. Scott Bakker quotes
8/10 Patty Duke popularity 8/10  Patty Duke quotes3/10 Richard Harding Davis popularity 3/10  Richard Harding Davis quotes
8/10 Salman Rushdie popularity 8/10  Salman Rushdie quotes3/10 Robert M. Hutchins popularity 3/10  Robert M. Hutchins quotes
8/10 Samuel Beckett popularity 8/10  Samuel Beckett quotes3/10 Pietro Aretino popularity 3/10  Pietro Aretino quotes
8/10 Samuel Johnson popularity 8/10  Samuel Johnson quotes3/10 P. L. Travers popularity 3/10  P. L. Travers quotes
8/10 Sean Penn popularity 8/10  Sean Penn quotes3/10 Ronald Knox popularity 3/10  Ronald Knox quotes
8/10 Shirley Jackson popularity 8/10  Shirley Jackson quotes3/10 Thomas C. Haliburton popularity 3/10  Thomas C. Haliburton quotes
8/10 Simone de Beauvoir popularity 8/10  Simone de Beauvoir quotes3/10 Thomas Lodge popularity 3/10  Thomas Lodge quotes
8/10 Sinclair Lewis popularity 8/10  Sinclair Lewis quotes3/10 Stuart Chase popularity 3/10  Stuart Chase quotes
8/10 Stephen Crane popularity 8/10  Stephen Crane quotes3/10 Will Cuppy popularity 3/10  Will Cuppy quotes
8/10 Stanley Kubrick popularity 8/10  Stanley Kubrick quotes2/10 V. S. Naipaul popularity 2/10  V. S. Naipaul quotes
8/10 Stephen Vincent Benet popularity 8/10  Stephen Vincent Benet quotes2/10 Roger Angell popularity 2/10  Roger Angell quotes
8/10 Steve Martin popularity 8/10  Steve Martin quotes2/10 Morris Fishbein popularity 2/10  Morris Fishbein quotes
8/10 Steven Seagal popularity 8/10  Steven Seagal quotes2/10 Nathaniel Parker Willis popularity 2/10  Nathaniel Parker Willis quotes
8/10 Sue Grafton popularity 8/10  Sue Grafton quotes2/10 Joshua Loth Liebman popularity 2/10  Joshua Loth Liebman quotes
8/10 Terry Pratchett popularity 8/10  Terry Pratchett quotes2/10 Joseph Wechsberg popularity 2/10  Joseph Wechsberg quotes
8/10 Thich Nhat Hanh popularity 8/10  Thich Nhat Hanh quotes2/10 Heywood C. Broun popularity 2/10  Heywood C. Broun quotes
8/10 William Butler Yeats popularity 8/10  William Butler Yeats quotes2/10 Hortense Calisher popularity 2/10  Hortense Calisher quotes
8/10 Thomas Sowell popularity 8/10  Thomas Sowell quotes2/10 Hugh Kingsmill popularity 2/10  Hugh Kingsmill quotes
8/10 Thomas Wolfe popularity 8/10  Thomas Wolfe quotes2/10 Jim Pinto popularity 2/10  Jim Pinto quotes
8/10 Thornton Wilder popularity 8/10  Thornton Wilder quotes2/10 Dorothea Brande popularity 2/10  Dorothea Brande quotes
8/10 Toni Morrison popularity 8/10  Toni Morrison quotes2/10 Dave Winer popularity 2/10  Dave Winer quotes
8/10 Truman Capote popularity 8/10  Truman Capote quotes2/10 David Borenstein popularity 2/10  David Borenstein quotes
8/10 Virginia Woolf popularity 8/10  Virginia Woolf quotes2/10 Eberhard Arnold popularity 2/10  Eberhard Arnold quotes
8/10 Washington Irving popularity 8/10  Washington Irving quotes2/10 Chanakya popularity 2/10  Chanakya quotes
7/10 Whittaker Chambers popularity 7/10  Whittaker Chambers quotes2/10 Catherine Drinker Bowen popularity 2/10  Catherine Drinker Bowen quotes
7/10 Tillie Olsen popularity 7/10  Tillie Olsen quotes2/10 Carl Van Doren popularity 2/10  Carl Van Doren quotes
7/10 Tom Peters popularity 7/10  Tom Peters quotes1/10 Elizabeth Drew popularity 1/10  Elizabeth Drew quotes
7/10 Tom Wilson popularity 7/10  Tom Wilson quotes1/10 Hazel Henderson popularity 1/10  Hazel Henderson quotes
7/10 William Cullen Bryant popularity 7/10  William Cullen Bryant quotes1/10 Hakuin popularity 1/10  Hakuin quotes
7/10 William S. Burroughs popularity 7/10  William S. Burroughs quotes1/10 Jules Renard popularity 1/10  Jules Renard quotes
7/10 William Gibson popularity 7/10  William Gibson quotes1/10 Stanislaw Jerzy Lec popularity 1/10  Stanislaw Jerzy Lec quotes
7/10 Zelda Fitzgerald popularity 7/10  Zelda Fitzgerald quotes1/10 Patrick Kavanagh popularity 1/10  Patrick Kavanagh quotes
7/10 William Wells Brown popularity 7/10  William Wells Brown quotes1/10 Richard Whately popularity 1/10  Richard Whately quotes
7/10 William Barclay popularity 7/10  William Barclay quotes0/10 Richmal Crompton popularity 0/10  Richmal Crompton quotes
7/10 Thomas a Kempis popularity 7/10  Thomas a Kempis quotes0/10 Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi popularity 0/10  Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi quotes
7/10 Thomas Dekker popularity 7/10  Thomas Dekker quotes0/10 Ramon Gomez de la Serna popularity 0/10  Ramon Gomez de la Serna quotes
7/10 Thomas Fuller popularity 7/10  Thomas Fuller quotes0/10 Rebecca Wee popularity 0/10  Rebecca Wee quotes
7/10 Terry McMillan popularity 7/10  Terry McMillan quotes0/10 Renee Ashley popularity 0/10  Renee Ashley quotes
7/10 Susan Sontag popularity 7/10  Susan Sontag quotes0/10 Robert de Flers popularity 0/10  Robert de Flers quotes
7/10 Stephen Wright popularity 7/10  Stephen Wright quotes0/10 Richard Kuehn popularity 0/10  Richard Kuehn quotes
7/10 Steve Allen popularity 7/10  Steve Allen quotes0/10 Richard Lederer popularity 0/10  Richard Lederer quotes
7/10 St. Teresa of Avila popularity 7/10  St. Teresa of Avila quotes0/10 Roanne A. Boral popularity 0/10  Roanne A. Boral quotes
7/10 Stephen Jay Gould popularity 7/10  Stephen Jay Gould quotes0/10 Peter Hille popularity 0/10  Peter Hille quotes
7/10 Stephen Leacock popularity 7/10  Stephen Leacock quotes0/10 Peter Altenberg popularity 0/10  Peter Altenberg quotes
7/10 Sidney Lanier popularity 7/10  Sidney Lanier quotes0/10 Pramoedya Ananta Toer popularity 0/10  Pramoedya Ananta Toer quotes
7/10 Ruth Gordon popularity 7/10  Ruth Gordon quotes0/10 Philip K. Dick popularity 0/10  Philip K. Dick quotes
7/10 Primo Levi popularity 7/10  Primo Levi quotes0/10 Pierre Choderlos de Laclos popularity 0/10  Pierre Choderlos de Laclos quotes
7/10 Rita Rudner popularity 7/10  Rita Rudner quotes0/10 R. C. Sherriff popularity 0/10  R. C. Sherriff quotes
7/10 Robert Heinlein popularity 7/10  Robert Heinlein quotes0/10 Quentin Reynolds popularity 0/10  Quentin Reynolds quotes
7/10 Richard Lewis popularity 7/10  Richard Lewis quotes0/10 Pamela Hansford Johnson popularity 0/10  Pamela Hansford Johnson quotes
7/10 Raymond Carver popularity 7/10  Raymond Carver quotes0/10 Patricia McCormick popularity 0/10  Patricia McCormick quotes
7/10 Marshall McLuhan popularity 7/10  Marshall McLuhan quotes0/10 P. J. O'Rourke popularity 0/10  P. J. O'Rourke quotes
7/10 Mary Daly popularity 7/10  Mary Daly quotes0/10 Paul Carvel popularity 0/10  Paul Carvel quotes
7/10 Maxine Hong Kingston popularity 7/10  Maxine Hong Kingston quotes0/10 Paul Eipper popularity 0/10  Paul Eipper quotes
7/10 Mark Haddon popularity 7/10  Mark Haddon quotes0/10 Noel Clarasó popularity 0/10  Noel Clarasó quotes
7/10 Meister Eckhart popularity 7/10  Meister Eckhart quotes0/10 Steven Saylor popularity 0/10  Steven Saylor quotes
7/10 Michael Harrington popularity 7/10  Michael Harrington quotes0/10 Thomas Osborne Davis popularity 0/10  Thomas Osborne Davis quotes
7/10 Naomi Klein popularity 7/10  Naomi Klein quotes0/10 Thomas Otway popularity 0/10  Thomas Otway quotes
7/10 Louise Erdrich popularity 7/10  Louise Erdrich quotes0/10 Terence McKenna popularity 0/10  Terence McKenna quotes
7/10 Lucy Maud Montgomery popularity 7/10  Lucy Maud Montgomery quotes0/10 Teresa A. Miller popularity 0/10  Teresa A. Miller quotes
7/10 Luigi Pirandello popularity 7/10  Luigi Pirandello quotes0/10 Susanna Kaysen popularity 0/10  Susanna Kaysen quotes
7/10 L. Ron Hubbard popularity 7/10  L. Ron Hubbard quotes0/10 Roy Blount, Jr. popularity 0/10  Roy Blount, Jr. quotes
7/10 Joyce Kilmer popularity 7/10  Joyce Kilmer quotes0/10 Ruth Boorstin popularity 0/10  Ruth Boorstin quotes
7/10 Julia Ward Howe popularity 7/10  Julia Ward Howe quotes0/10 Saadat Hasan Manto popularity 0/10  Saadat Hasan Manto quotes
7/10 Grantland Rice popularity 7/10  Grantland Rice quotes0/10 Samuel Griswold Goodrich popularity 0/10  Samuel Griswold Goodrich quotes
7/10 Giacomo Casanova popularity 7/10  Giacomo Casanova quotes0/10 Salvador Pániker popularity 0/10  Salvador Pániker quotes
7/10 Grace Paley popularity 7/10  Grace Paley quotes0/10 Sir Osbert Sitwell popularity 0/10  Sir Osbert Sitwell quotes
7/10 Henry Van Dyke popularity 7/10  Henry Van Dyke quotes0/10 Sophia Bedford Pierce popularity 0/10  Sophia Bedford Pierce quotes
7/10 Heinrich Heine popularity 7/10  Heinrich Heine quotes0/10 Sean O'Faolain popularity 0/10  Sean O'Faolain quotes
7/10 Henri Nouwen popularity 7/10  Henri Nouwen quotes0/10 Seth Eisenberg popularity 0/10  Seth Eisenberg quotes
7/10 John Ruskin popularity 7/10  John Ruskin quotes0/10 Sandra Dodd popularity 0/10  Sandra Dodd quotes
7/10 Joel Chandler Harris popularity 7/10  Joel Chandler Harris quotes0/10 Sarah J. Hale popularity 0/10  Sarah J. Hale quotes
7/10 Jean-Paul Sartre popularity 7/10  Jean-Paul Sartre quotes0/10 Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn popularity 0/10  Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn quotes
7/10 James Hogg popularity 7/10  James Hogg quotes0/10 Sarah Pezdek-Smith popularity 0/10  Sarah Pezdek-Smith quotes
7/10 Jack Handey popularity 7/10  Jack Handey quotes0/10 Vera Brittain (Mary) popularity 0/10  Vera Brittain (Mary) quotes
7/10 Italo Calvino popularity 7/10  Italo Calvino quotes0/10 Veronica A. Shoffstall popularity 0/10  Veronica A. Shoffstall quotes
7/10 Jack Kirby popularity 7/10  Jack Kirby quotes0/10 Victor Sawdon Pritchett popularity 0/10  Victor Sawdon Pritchett quotes
7/10 Jackie Collins popularity 7/10  Jackie Collins quotes0/10 Thomas Tusser popularity 0/10  Thomas Tusser quotes
7/10 Jacqueline Woodson popularity 7/10  Jacqueline Woodson quotes0/10 Wilfred Sheed popularity 0/10  Wilfred Sheed quotes
7/10 James Agee popularity 7/10  James Agee quotes0/10 Walter Raleigh, Sr. popularity 0/10  Walter Raleigh, Sr. quotes
7/10 Dan Castellaneta popularity 7/10  Dan Castellaneta quotes0/10 Vine Deloria, Jr. popularity 0/10  Vine Deloria, Jr. quotes
7/10 Deborah Tannen popularity 7/10  Deborah Tannen quotes0/10 Walter Elliot popularity 0/10  Walter Elliot quotes
7/10 Doris Lessing popularity 7/10  Doris Lessing quotes0/10 Wallace Irwin popularity 0/10  Wallace Irwin quotes
7/10 Edward de Bono popularity 7/10  Edward de Bono quotes0/10 Xaviera Hollander popularity 0/10  Xaviera Hollander quotes
7/10 Earl Nightingale popularity 7/10  Earl Nightingale quotes0/10 Zephyr Bloch-Jorgensen popularity 0/10  Zephyr Bloch-Jorgensen quotes
7/10 Edna Ferber popularity 7/10  Edna Ferber quotes0/10 William Strunk Jr., E.B. White popularity 0/10  William Strunk Jr., E.B. White quotes
7/10 Edward Abbey popularity 7/10  Edward Abbey quotes0/10 William Wirt popularity 0/10  William Wirt quotes
7/10 Eric Hoffer popularity 7/10  Eric Hoffer quotes0/10 Winifred Holtby popularity 0/10  Winifred Holtby quotes
7/10 Erica Jong popularity 7/10  Erica Jong quotes0/10 Wolcott Gibbs popularity 0/10  Wolcott Gibbs quotes
7/10 Ella Wheeler Wilcox popularity 7/10  Ella Wheeler Wilcox quotes0/10 William Combe popularity 0/10  William Combe quotes
7/10 Evelyn Waugh popularity 7/10  Evelyn Waugh quotes0/10 William DeWitt Snodgrass popularity 0/10  William DeWitt Snodgrass quotes
7/10 Frank Herbert popularity 7/10  Frank Herbert quotes0/10 William E Bill Vaughan popularity 0/10  William E Bill Vaughan quotes
7/10 Fanny Fern popularity 7/10  Fanny Fern quotes0/10 William E. Vaughan popularity 0/10  William E. Vaughan quotes
7/10 Gene Roddenberry popularity 7/10  Gene Roddenberry quotes0/10 William F. Buckley, Jr. popularity 0/10  William F. Buckley, Jr. quotes
7/10 George Sand popularity 7/10  George Sand quotes0/10 William Plomer popularity 0/10  William Plomer quotes
7/10 Billy Crystal popularity 7/10  Billy Crystal quotes0/10 William Ralph Inge popularity 0/10  William Ralph Inge quotes
7/10 Billy Meier popularity 7/10  Billy Meier quotes0/10 William Shenstone popularity 0/10  William Shenstone quotes
7/10 Benvenuto Cellini popularity 7/10  Benvenuto Cellini quotes0/10 Joy Held popularity 0/10  Joy Held quotes
7/10 Bernard Malamud popularity 7/10  Bernard Malamud quotes0/10 Karl Valentin popularity 0/10  Karl Valentin quotes
7/10 Barbara Johnson popularity 7/10  Barbara Johnson quotes0/10 Julianne Balmain popularity 0/10  Julianne Balmain quotes
7/10 Barbara Kingsolver popularity 7/10  Barbara Kingsolver quotes0/10 Ken S. Keyes jr. popularity 0/10  Ken S. Keyes jr. quotes
7/10 Bill Bryson popularity 7/10  Bill Bryson quotes0/10 Kathryn Hulme popularity 0/10  Kathryn Hulme quotes
7/10 Bret Harte popularity 7/10  Bret Harte quotes0/10 Joseph Marie de Maistre popularity 0/10  Joseph Marie de Maistre quotes
7/10 Brian Moore popularity 7/10  Brian Moore quotes0/10 Jon Bentley popularity 0/10  Jon Bentley quotes
7/10 C. Wright Mills popularity 7/10  C. Wright Mills quotes0/10 Jorja Fox popularity 0/10  Jorja Fox quotes
7/10 Albert Payson Terhune popularity 7/10  Albert Payson Terhune quotes0/10 John Ziff popularity 0/10  John Ziff quotes
7/10 Angela Carter popularity 7/10  Angela Carter quotes0/10 Lord Lyttelton popularity 0/10  Lord Lyttelton quotes
7/10 Ann Douglas popularity 7/10  Ann Douglas quotes0/10 Leslie Poles Hartley popularity 0/10  Leslie Poles Hartley quotes
7/10 Anna Julia Cooper popularity 7/10  Anna Julia Cooper quotes0/10 Laurell K Hamilton popularity 0/10  Laurell K Hamilton quotes
7/10 Arthur Rimbaud popularity 7/10  Arthur Rimbaud quotes0/10 M.K. Asante, Jr. popularity 0/10  M.K. Asante, Jr. quotes
7/10 Barry Humphries popularity 7/10  Barry Humphries quotes0/10 Louis Kronenberger popularity 0/10  Louis Kronenberger quotes
6/10 Barry Lopez popularity 6/10  Barry Lopez quotes0/10 Louis L'Amour popularity 0/10  Louis L'Amour quotes
6/10 Barbara Ehrenreich popularity 6/10  Barbara Ehrenreich quotes0/10 Lydia Maria Francis Child popularity 0/10  Lydia Maria Francis Child quotes
6/10 Anna Letitia Barbauld popularity 6/10  Anna Letitia Barbauld quotes0/10 Lyn Yutang popularity 0/10  Lyn Yutang quotes
6/10 Anatole France popularity 6/10  Anatole France quotes0/10 Linda Reid popularity 0/10  Linda Reid quotes
6/10 Andre Gide popularity 6/10  Andre Gide quotes0/10 Liz Carpenter popularity 0/10  Liz Carpenter quotes
6/10 Anthony Powell popularity 6/10  Anthony Powell quotes0/10 Klem Johansen popularity 0/10  Klem Johansen quotes
6/10 Antoine de Saint-Exupery popularity 6/10  Antoine de Saint-Exupery quotes0/10 Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. popularity 0/10  Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. quotes
6/10 Alice Miller popularity 6/10  Alice Miller quotes0/10 Kenneth H. Blanchard popularity 0/10  Kenneth H. Blanchard quotes
6/10 Alan Paton popularity 6/10  Alan Paton quotes0/10 Lamennais popularity 0/10  Lamennais quotes
6/10 Alan Dean Foster popularity 6/10  Alan Dean Foster quotes0/10 Larry Gelbart popularity 0/10  Larry Gelbart quotes
6/10 Adelle Davis popularity 6/10  Adelle Davis quotes0/10 Larry L. King popularity 0/10  Larry L. King quotes
6/10 Calvin Trillin popularity 6/10  Calvin Trillin quotes0/10 Nathaniel Bronner Jr. popularity 0/10  Nathaniel Bronner Jr. quotes
6/10 Camilo Jose Cela popularity 6/10  Camilo Jose Cela quotes0/10 Nicolas Gomez Davila popularity 0/10  Nicolas Gomez Davila quotes
6/10 Carl Van Vechten popularity 6/10  Carl Van Vechten quotes0/10 Nanette Newman popularity 0/10  Nanette Newman quotes
6/10 Bette Greene popularity 6/10  Bette Greene quotes0/10 Naomi Mitchison popularity 0/10  Naomi Mitchison quotes
6/10 Barbara Smith popularity 6/10  Barbara Smith quotes0/10 Nancy Newhall popularity 0/10  Nancy Newhall quotes
6/10 Benjamin Constant popularity 6/10  Benjamin Constant quotes0/10 Nadine Gordimer popularity 0/10  Nadine Gordimer quotes
6/10 Bernard Levin popularity 6/10  Bernard Levin quotes0/10 Moshe Waldoks popularity 0/10  Moshe Waldoks quotes
6/10 Charles Kingsley popularity 6/10  Charles Kingsley quotes0/10 Mitchell Burgess popularity 0/10  Mitchell Burgess quotes
6/10 Carolyn Kizer popularity 6/10  Carolyn Kizer quotes0/10 Michael L. Dertouzos popularity 0/10  Michael L. Dertouzos quotes
6/10 Christopher Isherwood popularity 6/10  Christopher Isherwood quotes0/10 Michael O'Donoghue popularity 0/10  Michael O'Donoghue quotes
6/10 Christopher Morley popularity 6/10  Christopher Morley quotes0/10 Maryanne Williamson popularity 0/10  Maryanne Williamson quotes
6/10 Gene Nelson popularity 6/10  Gene Nelson quotes0/10 Max Eastman popularity 0/10  Max Eastman quotes
6/10 George Bataille popularity 6/10  George Bataille quotes0/10 Maxwell Bodenheim popularity 0/10  Maxwell Bodenheim quotes
6/10 Fay Weldon popularity 6/10  Fay Weldon quotes0/10 May Swenson popularity 0/10  May Swenson quotes
6/10 Francis Thompson popularity 6/10  Francis Thompson quotes0/10 Mariana Fulger popularity 0/10  Mariana Fulger quotes
6/10 Francisco Ayala popularity 6/10  Francisco Ayala quotes0/10 Marie de Sevigne popularity 0/10  Marie de Sevigne quotes
6/10 Gail Sheehy popularity 6/10  Gail Sheehy quotes0/10 Margaret Buffie popularity 0/10  Margaret Buffie quotes
6/10 Fyodor Dostoyevsky popularity 6/10  Fyodor Dostoyevsky quotes0/10 Margaret Culkin Banning popularity 0/10  Margaret Culkin Banning quotes
6/10 Fannie Hurst popularity 6/10  Fannie Hurst quotes0/10 Marjory Stoneman Douglas popularity 0/10  Marjory Stoneman Douglas quotes
6/10 Fanny Burney popularity 6/10  Fanny Burney quotes0/10 Mark Clifton popularity 0/10  Mark Clifton quotes
6/10 Flaubert popularity 6/10  Flaubert quotes0/10 Margery Williams popularity 0/10  Margery Williams quotes
6/10 Florence Scovel Shinn popularity 6/10  Florence Scovel Shinn quotes0/10 Marquis De Custine popularity 0/10  Marquis De Custine quotes
6/10 Elinor Wylie popularity 6/10  Elinor Wylie quotes0/10 Martin Andersen-Nexö popularity 0/10  Martin Andersen-Nexö quotes
6/10 Erich Segal popularity 6/10  Erich Segal quotes0/10 Martin Dansky popularity 0/10  Martin Dansky quotes
6/10 Elizabeth Spencer popularity 6/10  Elizabeth Spencer quotes0/10 H. Jackson Brown, Jr. popularity 0/10  H. Jackson Brown, Jr. quotes
6/10 Enrique Jardiel Poncela popularity 6/10  Enrique Jardiel Poncela quotes0/10 Hanns Johst popularity 0/10  Hanns Johst quotes
6/10 Edmund Ruffin popularity 6/10  Edmund Ruffin quotes0/10 Harold Acton popularity 0/10  Harold Acton quotes
6/10 Edward Everett Hale popularity 6/10  Edward Everett Hale quotes0/10 Harold Nicolson popularity 0/10  Harold Nicolson quotes
6/10 Elbert Hubbard popularity 6/10  Elbert Hubbard quotes0/10 Harold Rosenberg popularity 0/10  Harold Rosenberg quotes
6/10 Dorothy Allison popularity 6/10  Dorothy Allison quotes0/10 Harvey Allen popularity 0/10  Harvey Allen quotes
6/10 E. B. White popularity 6/10  E. B. White quotes0/10 Guillaume Thomas Raynal popularity 0/10  Guillaume Thomas Raynal quotes
6/10 Dashiell Hammett popularity 6/10  Dashiell Hammett quotes0/10 Giuseppe Ghiaroni popularity 0/10  Giuseppe Ghiaroni quotes
6/10 Don Marquis popularity 6/10  Don Marquis quotes0/10 Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa popularity 0/10  Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa quotes
6/10 Diane Ackerman popularity 6/10  Diane Ackerman quotes0/10 Glenway Wescott popularity 0/10  Glenway Wescott quotes
6/10 Delmore Schwartz popularity 6/10  Delmore Schwartz quotes0/10 Gertrude Franklin Atherton popularity 0/10  Gertrude Franklin Atherton quotes
6/10 Damon Runyon popularity 6/10  Damon Runyon quotes0/10 Giovanni Boine popularity 0/10  Giovanni Boine quotes
6/10 David Harris popularity 6/10  David Harris quotes0/10 Henry MacKenzie popularity 0/10  Henry MacKenzie quotes
6/10 David Brin popularity 6/10  David Brin quotes0/10 Imre Kertesz popularity 0/10  Imre Kertesz quotes
6/10 David Brooks popularity 6/10  David Brooks quotes0/10 Irvin S. Cobb popularity 0/10  Irvin S. Cobb quotes
6/10 David Gerrold popularity 6/10  David Gerrold quotes0/10 Henry Christopher Bailey popularity 0/10  Henry Christopher Bailey quotes
6/10 J. D. Salinger popularity 6/10  J. D. Salinger quotes0/10 Henry Wheeler Shaw popularity 0/10  Henry Wheeler Shaw quotes
6/10 Jane Smiley popularity 6/10  Jane Smiley quotes0/10 Herbert Beerbohm Tree popularity 0/10  Herbert Beerbohm Tree quotes
6/10 Jane Wagner popularity 6/10  Jane Wagner quotes0/10 Herman J. Mankiewicz popularity 0/10  Herman J. Mankiewicz quotes
6/10 James T. Farrell popularity 6/10  James T. Farrell quotes0/10 Henri Estienne popularity 0/10  Henri Estienne quotes
6/10 Jeremy Taylor popularity 6/10  Jeremy Taylor quotes0/10 Helen Araromi popularity 0/10  Helen Araromi quotes
6/10 Joe Flaherty popularity 6/10  Joe Flaherty quotes0/10 Helen Foster Snow popularity 0/10  Helen Foster Snow quotes
6/10 Joachim Du Bellay popularity 6/10  Joachim Du Bellay quotes0/10 Henrik Tikkanen popularity 0/10  Henrik Tikkanen quotes
6/10 Jessamyn West popularity 6/10  Jessamyn West quotes0/10 Henry Arthur Jones popularity 0/10  Henry Arthur Jones quotes
6/10 Jilly Cooper popularity 6/10  Jilly Cooper quotes0/10 Henry Boye popularity 0/10  Henry Boye quotes
6/10 Jim Bishop popularity 6/10  Jim Bishop quotes0/10 Jeffrey D. Wilhelm popularity 0/10  Jeffrey D. Wilhelm quotes
6/10 John Bright popularity 6/10  John Bright quotes0/10 Johann Georg Zimmermann popularity 0/10  Johann Georg Zimmermann quotes
6/10 John Buchan popularity 6/10  John Buchan quotes0/10 John Gregory Dunne popularity 0/10  John Gregory Dunne quotes
6/10 John Gunther popularity 6/10  John Gunther quotes0/10 Jean Baptiste Lacordaire popularity 0/10  Jean Baptiste Lacordaire quotes
6/10 John LeCarre popularity 6/10  John LeCarre quotes0/10 Jean Baptiste Racine popularity 0/10  Jean Baptiste Racine quotes
6/10 John Lyly popularity 6/10  John Lyly quotes0/10 Jean Guehenno popularity 0/10  Jean Guehenno quotes
6/10 Helen Gurley Brown popularity 6/10  Helen Gurley Brown quotes0/10 James Feibleman popularity 0/10  James Feibleman quotes
6/10 Herman Wouk popularity 6/10  Herman Wouk quotes0/10 Jan Struther popularity 0/10  Jan Struther quotes
6/10 Hilaire Belloc popularity 6/10  Hilaire Belloc quotes0/10 James Laver popularity 0/10  James Laver quotes
6/10 Horace Walpole popularity 6/10  Horace Walpole quotes0/10 James Luceno popularity 0/10  James Luceno quotes
6/10 Isak Dinesen popularity 6/10  Isak Dinesen quotes0/10 James Oppenheim popularity 0/10  James Oppenheim quotes
6/10 Isaac Bashevis Singer popularity 6/10  Isaac Bashevis Singer quotes0/10 J. C. Squire popularity 0/10  J. C. Squire quotes
6/10 H. H. Munro popularity 6/10  H. H. Munro quotes0/10 Ivan Corea popularity 0/10  Ivan Corea quotes
6/10 Hamilton Wright Mabie popularity 6/10  Hamilton Wright Mabie quotes0/10 J. Russell Lynes popularity 0/10  J. Russell Lynes quotes
6/10 Hannah Whitall Smith popularity 6/10  Hannah Whitall Smith quotes0/10 James Elroy Flecker popularity 0/10  James Elroy Flecker quotes
6/10 Harry Crews popularity 6/10  Harry Crews quotes0/10 Elizabeth Montagu popularity 0/10  Elizabeth Montagu quotes
6/10 Gerry Spence popularity 6/10  Gerry Spence quotes0/10 Eliza Tabor popularity 0/10  Eliza Tabor quotes
6/10 Graham Swift popularity 6/10  Graham Swift quotes0/10 Emil Ludwig popularity 0/10  Emil Ludwig quotes
6/10 John W. Gardner popularity 6/10  John W. Gardner quotes0/10 Emile-Auguste Chartier popularity 0/10  Emile-Auguste Chartier quotes
6/10 John Webster popularity 6/10  John Webster quotes0/10 Ernestine Ulmer popularity 0/10  Ernestine Ulmer quotes
6/10 Jon Voigt popularity 6/10  Jon Voigt quotes0/10 Erwin Hargrove popularity 0/10  Erwin Hargrove quotes
6/10 Lester Bangs popularity 6/10  Lester Bangs quotes0/10 Eustace Budgell popularity 0/10  Eustace Budgell quotes
6/10 Lew Wallace popularity 6/10  Lew Wallace quotes0/10 Eugene Chapus popularity 0/10  Eugene Chapus quotes
6/10 Lewis Mumford popularity 6/10  Lewis Mumford quotes0/10 Francis Lockier popularity 0/10  Francis Lockier quotes
6/10 Lewis Thomas popularity 6/10  Lewis Thomas quotes0/10 Ezequiel D'Leon Masis popularity 0/10  Ezequiel D'Leon Masis quotes
6/10 Lillian Smith popularity 6/10  Lillian Smith quotes0/10 F. Scott Fitzgerald popularity 0/10  F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes
6/10 Louis Ferdinand Celine popularity 6/10  Louis Ferdinand Celine quotes0/10 Gary Freeman popularity 0/10  Gary Freeman quotes
6/10 Lynda Barry popularity 6/10  Lynda Barry quotes0/10 George Colman, the Younger popularity 0/10  George Colman, the Younger quotes
6/10 Leigh Hunt popularity 6/10  Leigh Hunt quotes0/10 George Crabbe popularity 0/10  George Crabbe quotes
6/10 Len Deighton popularity 6/10  Len Deighton quotes0/10 George D. Boardman popularity 0/10  George D. Boardman quotes
6/10 Muriel Rukeyser popularity 6/10  Muriel Rukeyser quotes0/10 George Dennison Prentice popularity 0/10  George Dennison Prentice quotes
6/10 Naguib Mahfouz popularity 6/10  Naguib Mahfouz quotes0/10 George Lorimar popularity 0/10  George Lorimar quotes
6/10 Nelson Algren popularity 6/10  Nelson Algren quotes0/10 George Lorimer popularity 0/10  George Lorimer quotes
6/10 Michael Parkinson popularity 6/10  Michael Parkinson quotes0/10 Geoffrey Parfitt popularity 0/10  Geoffrey Parfitt quotes
6/10 Mordecai Richler popularity 6/10  Mordecai Richler quotes0/10 Gerald F. Lieberman popularity 0/10  Gerald F. Lieberman quotes
6/10 Michel de Montaigne popularity 6/10  Michel de Montaigne quotes0/10 Gerald Griffin popularity 0/10  Gerald Griffin quotes
6/10 Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra popularity 6/10  Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra quotes0/10 Francoise de Motteville popularity 0/10  Francoise de Motteville quotes
6/10 Maxine Kumin popularity 6/10  Maxine Kumin quotes0/10 Francoise Mallet-Joris popularity 0/10  Francoise Mallet-Joris quotes
6/10 Mary Frances Berry popularity 6/10  Mary Frances Berry quotes0/10 Frank Gelett Burgess popularity 0/10  Frank Gelett Burgess quotes
6/10 Mary Renault popularity 6/10  Mary Renault quotes0/10 Flannery O'Connor popularity 0/10  Flannery O'Connor quotes
6/10 Mark van Doren popularity 6/10  Mark van Doren quotes0/10 Frank Moore Colby popularity 0/10  Frank Moore Colby quotes
6/10 Margery Allingham popularity 6/10  Margery Allingham quotes0/10 Franz Grillparzer popularity 0/10  Franz Grillparzer quotes
6/10 Marilyn French popularity 6/10  Marilyn French quotes0/10 G. I. Gurdjieff popularity 0/10  G. I. Gurdjieff quotes
6/10 Marcel Pagnol popularity 6/10  Marcel Pagnol quotes0/10 Friedrich Rückert popularity 0/10  Friedrich Rückert quotes
6/10 Marcus Tullius Cicero popularity 6/10  Marcus Tullius Cicero quotes0/10 Friedrich von Schlegel popularity 0/10  Friedrich von Schlegel quotes
6/10 Marguerite Yourcenar popularity 6/10  Marguerite Yourcenar quotes0/10 Eden Phillpotts popularity 0/10  Eden Phillpotts quotes
6/10 Rebecca West popularity 6/10  Rebecca West quotes0/10 Edna O'Brien popularity 0/10  Edna O'Brien quotes
6/10 Richard Neutra popularity 6/10  Richard Neutra quotes0/10 Eleanor Perényi popularity 0/10  Eleanor Perényi quotes
6/10 Rex Stout popularity 6/10  Rex Stout quotes0/10 Eleanor Robson Belmont popularity 0/10  Eleanor Robson Belmont quotes
6/10 Robert Chambers popularity 6/10  Robert Chambers quotes0/10 Edward Sanford Martin popularity 0/10  Edward Sanford Martin quotes
6/10 Robert Nathan popularity 6/10  Robert Nathan quotes0/10 Edward Tenner popularity 0/10  Edward Tenner quotes
6/10 Robin Schone popularity 6/10  Robin Schone quotes0/10 Edwin Hubbel Chapin popularity 0/10  Edwin Hubbel Chapin quotes
6/10 Robert A. Heinlein popularity 6/10  Robert A. Heinlein quotes0/10 Edwin Way Teale popularity 0/10  Edwin Way Teale quotes
6/10 Robert Burton popularity 6/10  Robert Burton quotes0/10 Eileen Caddy popularity 0/10  Eileen Caddy quotes
6/10 Quintilian popularity 6/10  Quintilian quotes0/10 Dorothy Nevill popularity 0/10  Dorothy Nevill quotes
6/10 Peter Ustinov popularity 6/10  Peter Ustinov quotes0/10 Dorthea Brande popularity 0/10  Dorthea Brande quotes
6/10 Paul Keller popularity 6/10  Paul Keller quotes0/10 Dr. Carl Sagan popularity 0/10  Dr. Carl Sagan quotes
6/10 Paul Theroux popularity 6/10  Paul Theroux quotes0/10 E. V. Lucas popularity 0/10  E. V. Lucas quotes
6/10 Peter F. Drucker popularity 6/10  Peter F. Drucker quotes0/10 Dr.Ili Gidov popularity 0/10  Dr.Ili Gidov quotes
6/10 Paul Bowles popularity 6/10  Paul Bowles quotes0/10 Dushan Wegner popularity 0/10  Dushan Wegner quotes
6/10 P. G. Wodehouse popularity 6/10  P. G. Wodehouse quotes0/10 Edith Clara Summerskill popularity 0/10  Edith Clara Summerskill quotes
6/10 Ring Lardner popularity 6/10  Ring Lardner quotes0/10 Edmondo De Amicis popularity 0/10  Edmondo De Amicis quotes
6/10 Rosalia de Castro popularity 6/10  Rosalia de Castro quotes0/10 Edmund Clarence Stedman popularity 0/10  Edmund Clarence Stedman quotes
6/10 Ross MacDonald popularity 6/10  Ross MacDonald quotes0/10 David Herbert Lawrence popularity 0/10  David Herbert Lawrence quotes
6/10 Robinson Jeffers popularity 6/10  Robinson Jeffers quotes0/10 David Kenyon Webster popularity 0/10  David Kenyon Webster quotes
6/10 Rod Sterling popularity 6/10  Rod Sterling quotes0/10 Danny Reyntiens popularity 0/10  Danny Reyntiens quotes
6/10 Sidonie Gabrielle Colette popularity 6/10  Sidonie Gabrielle Colette quotes0/10 Diane Ackermann popularity 0/10  Diane Ackermann quotes
6/10 Scott Nearing popularity 6/10  Scott Nearing quotes0/10 Dirceu Alves Ferreira popularity 0/10  Dirceu Alves Ferreira quotes
6/10 Stephen Levine popularity 6/10  Stephen Levine quotes0/10 Don Kardong popularity 0/10  Don Kardong quotes
6/10 Stefan Zweig popularity 6/10  Stefan Zweig quotes0/10 David Weinbaum popularity 0/10  David Weinbaum quotes
6/10 Stendhal popularity 6/10  Stendhal quotes0/10 David Quammen popularity 0/10  David Quammen quotes
6/10 Susan Faludi popularity 6/10  Susan Faludi quotes0/10 Delphine-Gay de Girardin popularity 0/10  Delphine-Gay de Girardin quotes
6/10 Stewart Brand popularity 6/10  Stewart Brand quotes0/10 Demetri Martin popularity 0/10  Demetri Martin quotes
6/10 Sam Keen popularity 6/10  Sam Keen quotes0/10 Denis de Rougemont popularity 0/10  Denis de Rougemont quotes
6/10 Thomas Bernhard popularity 6/10  Thomas Bernhard quotes0/10 Carl Theodor Dreyer popularity 0/10  Carl Theodor Dreyer quotes
6/10 William Styron popularity 6/10  William Styron quotes0/10 Brian Kessler popularity 0/10  Brian Kessler quotes
6/10 William Somerset Maugham popularity 6/10  William Somerset Maugham quotes0/10 Brooke Astor popularity 0/10  Brooke Astor quotes
6/10 William Zinsser popularity 6/10  William Zinsser quotes0/10 Boleslaw Prus popularity 0/10  Boleslaw Prus quotes
6/10 Zoe Trope popularity 6/10  Zoe Trope quotes0/10 Benjamin Haydon popularity 0/10  Benjamin Haydon quotes
6/10 Zona Gale popularity 6/10  Zona Gale quotes0/10 Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey popularity 0/10  Bethany Jane Andrews Hoey quotes
6/10 William Gilmore Simms popularity 6/10  William Gilmore Simms quotes0/10 Cecil Maurice Bowra popularity 0/10  Cecil Maurice Bowra quotes
6/10 William Safire popularity 6/10  William Safire quotes0/10 Celia Brayfield popularity 0/10  Celia Brayfield quotes
6/10 William Saroyan popularity 6/10  William Saroyan quotes0/10 Caskie Stinnett popularity 0/10  Caskie Stinnett quotes
6/10 Uta Hagen popularity 6/10  Uta Hagen quotes0/10 Carol Lynn Pearson popularity 0/10  Carol Lynn Pearson quotes
6/10 Will Durant popularity 6/10  Will Durant quotes0/10 Charles Du Bos popularity 0/10  Charles Du Bos quotes
6/10 Walter Lippman popularity 6/10  Walter Lippman quotes0/10 Conan O'Brien popularity 0/10  Conan O'Brien quotes
6/10 Walter Benjamin popularity 6/10  Walter Benjamin quotes0/10 Christian Furchtegott Gellert popularity 0/10  Christian Furchtegott Gellert quotes
5/10 Thomas Chatterton popularity 5/10  Thomas Chatterton quotes0/10 Charles-Victor de Bonstettin popularity 0/10  Charles-Victor de Bonstettin quotes
5/10 Walter Savage Landor popularity 5/10  Walter Savage Landor quotes0/10 Cheewa James popularity 0/10  Cheewa James quotes
5/10 Walther Rathenau popularity 5/10  Walther Rathenau quotes0/10 Cindi Wafstet popularity 0/10  Cindi Wafstet quotes
5/10 Ursula K. LeGuin popularity 5/10  Ursula K. LeGuin quotes0/10 Clarence B. Kelland popularity 0/10  Clarence B. Kelland quotes
5/10 Vance Packard popularity 5/10  Vance Packard quotes0/10 Alice Caldwell Rice popularity 0/10  Alice Caldwell Rice quotes
5/10 Tim Hansel popularity 5/10  Tim Hansel quotes0/10 Aleksander Hemon popularity 0/10  Aleksander Hemon quotes
5/10 William H. Gass popularity 5/10  William H. Gass quotes0/10 Alexander King popularity 0/10  Alexander King quotes
5/10 William Hazlitt popularity 5/10  William Hazlitt quotes0/10 Alexandre Dumas Père popularity 0/10  Alexandre Dumas Père quotes
5/10 William Friedkin popularity 5/10  William Friedkin quotes0/10 Allan Kardec popularity 0/10  Allan Kardec quotes
5/10 Wyatt Webb popularity 5/10  Wyatt Webb quotes0/10 Alphonse Allais popularity 0/10  Alphonse Allais quotes
5/10 Thomas Bailey Aldrich popularity 5/10  Thomas Bailey Aldrich quotes0/10 Amelia E. Barr popularity 0/10  Amelia E. Barr quotes
5/10 Theodore Isaac Rubin popularity 5/10  Theodore Isaac Rubin quotes0/10 Alan Coren popularity 0/10  Alan Coren quotes
5/10 Theophile Gautier popularity 5/10  Theophile Gautier quotes0/10 Alan Herbert popularity 0/10  Alan Herbert quotes
5/10 Sylvia Ashton-Warner popularity 5/10  Sylvia Ashton-Warner quotes0/10 Alan M. Dershowitz popularity 0/10  Alan M. Dershowitz quotes
5/10 Sholom Aleichem popularity 5/10  Sholom Aleichem quotes0/10 Albert Malvino popularity 0/10  Albert Malvino quotes
5/10 Romain Rolland popularity 5/10  Romain Rolland quotes0/10 Agnes Repplier popularity 0/10  Agnes Repplier quotes
5/10 Saint Ignatius of Loyola popularity 5/10  Saint Ignatius of Loyola quotes0/10 Al-Tirmidhi popularity 0/10  Al-Tirmidhi quotes
5/10 P. D. James popularity 5/10  P. D. James quotes0/10 Alamgir Hashmi popularity 0/10  Alamgir Hashmi quotes
5/10 Nikos Kazantzakis popularity 5/10  Nikos Kazantzakis quotes0/10 Abraham Joshua Heschel popularity 0/10  Abraham Joshua Heschel quotes
5/10 Olive Schreiner popularity 5/10  Olive Schreiner quotes0/10 Adair Lara popularity 0/10  Adair Lara quotes
5/10 Oliver Herford popularity 5/10  Oliver Herford quotes0/10 A. Godin popularity 0/10  A. Godin quotes
5/10 Paul Geraldy popularity 5/10  Paul Geraldy quotes0/10 A. J. Liebling popularity 0/10  A. J. Liebling quotes
5/10 Paul Tournier popularity 5/10  Paul Tournier quotes0/10 A.A. Attanasio popularity 0/10  A.A. Attanasio quotes
5/10 Paula Gunn Allen popularity 5/10  Paula Gunn Allen quotes0/10 Anne Sexton popularity 0/10  Anne Sexton quotes
5/10 Peter Ackroyd popularity 5/10  Peter Ackroyd quotes0/10 Anthelme Brillat-Savarin popularity 0/10  Anthelme Brillat-Savarin quotes
5/10 Robert Byrne popularity 5/10  Robert Byrne quotes0/10 Anita Ryan popularity 0/10  Anita Ryan quotes
5/10 Robert Bloch popularity 5/10  Robert Bloch quotes0/10 Antonio Porchia popularity 0/10  Antonio Porchia quotes
5/10 Richard John Neuhaus popularity 5/10  Richard John Neuhaus quotes0/10 Antony Jay popularity 0/10  Antony Jay quotes
5/10 Robin Sharma popularity 5/10  Robin Sharma quotes0/10 Ariel Durant popularity 0/10  Ariel Durant quotes
5/10 Robert Orben popularity 5/10  Robert Orben quotes0/10 Artemus Ward (writer) popularity 0/10  Artemus Ward (writer) quotes
5/10 Robert Southey popularity 5/10  Robert Southey quotes0/10 Andre P. Brink popularity 0/10  Andre P. Brink quotes
5/10 Peter S. Beagle popularity 5/10  Peter S. Beagle quotes0/10 Anne Morrow Lindbergh popularity 0/10  Anne Morrow Lindbergh quotes
5/10 Rebecca Harding Davis popularity 5/10  Rebecca Harding Davis quotes0/10 Beca Lewis popularity 0/10  Beca Lewis quotes
5/10 Maria Edgeworth popularity 5/10  Maria Edgeworth quotes0/10 Arthur Christopher Benson popularity 0/10  Arthur Christopher Benson quotes
5/10 Mary Russell Mitford popularity 5/10  Mary Russell Mitford quotes0/10 Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr. popularity 0/10  Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr. quotes
5/10 Mary Norton popularity 5/10  Mary Norton quotes0/10 Austin Osman Spare popularity 0/10  Austin Osman Spare quotes
5/10 Mavis Gallant popularity 5/10  Mavis Gallant quotes0/10 Aubrey Menen popularity 0/10  Aubrey Menen quotes
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