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On stamps of countries: On stamps of United States

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A. Philip Randolph popularity 7/10  A. Philip Randolph quotesJane Addams popularity 8/10  Jane Addams quotes
Abigail Adams popularity 9/10  Abigail Adams quotesJefferson Davis popularity 8/10  Jefferson Davis quotes
Abraham Lincoln popularity 10/10  Abraham Lincoln quotesJelly Roll Morton popularity 8/10  Jelly Roll Morton quotes
Adlai E. Stevenson popularity 6/10  Adlai E. Stevenson quotesJesse Owens popularity 9/10  Jesse Owens quotes
Admiral David G. Farragut popularity 0/10  Admiral David G. Farragut quotesJim Thorpe popularity 8/10  Jim Thorpe quotes
Adolph S. Ochs popularity 3/10  Adolph S. Ochs quotesJimmie Rodgers popularity 7/10  Jimmie Rodgers quotes
Al Jolson popularity 8/10  Al Jolson quotesJimmy Dorsey popularity 6/10  Jimmy Dorsey quotes
Al Parker popularity 7/10  Al Parker quotesJoe Louis popularity 8/10  Joe Louis quotes
Alan Jay Lerner popularity 5/10  Alan Jay Lerner quotesJoel Chandler Harris popularity 6/10  Joel Chandler Harris quotes
Albert Einstein popularity 10/10  Albert Einstein quotesJohn Adams popularity 9/10  John Adams quotes
Albert Gallatin popularity 4/10  Albert Gallatin quotesJohn Barrymore popularity 6/10  John Barrymore quotes
Alexander Calder popularity 8/10  Alexander Calder quotesJohn Coltrane popularity 8/10  John Coltrane quotes
Alexander Graham Bell popularity 9/10  Alexander Graham Bell quotesJohn Dewey popularity 8/10  John Dewey quotes
Alexander Hamilton popularity 8/10  Alexander Hamilton quotesJohn Ericsson popularity 6/10  John Ericsson quotes
Alfred Bernhard Nobel popularity 5/10  Alfred Bernhard Nobel quotesJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy popularity 7/10  John Fitzgerald Kennedy quotes
Alfred E. Smith popularity 5/10  Alfred E. Smith quotesJohn Foster Dulles popularity 6/10  John Foster Dulles quotes
Alfred Hitchcock popularity 8/10  Alfred Hitchcock quotesJohn Glenn popularity 8/10  John Glenn quotes
Alfred Stieglitz popularity 7/10  Alfred Stieglitz quotesJohn Greenleaf Whittier popularity 7/10  John Greenleaf Whittier quotes
Alice Paul popularity 8/10  Alice Paul quotesJohn Hancock popularity 9/10  John Hancock quotes
Allison Davis popularity 3/10  Allison Davis quotesJohn Hanson popularity 7/10  John Hanson quotes
Amelia Earhart popularity 10/10  Amelia Earhart quotesJohn Harvard popularity 6/10  John Harvard quotes
Andre Kertesz popularity 7/10  Andre Kertesz quotesJohn J. Pershing popularity 6/10  John J. Pershing quotes
Andrew Carnegie popularity 8/10  Andrew Carnegie quotesJohn James Audubon popularity 7/10  John James Audubon quotes
Andrew Jackson popularity 9/10  Andrew Jackson quotesJohn Jay popularity 8/10  John Jay quotes
Andrew Johnson popularity 8/10  Andrew Johnson quotesJohn Marshall popularity 8/10  John Marshall quotes
Andrew William Mellon popularity 0/10  Andrew William Mellon quotesJohn Mccormack popularity 6/10  John Mccormack quotes
Andy Warhol popularity 9/10  Andy Warhol quotesJohn Mcloughlin popularity 5/10  John Mcloughlin quotes
Anne Sullivan popularity 8/10  Anne Sullivan quotesJohn Muir popularity 8/10  John Muir quotes
Annie Oakley popularity 9/10  Annie Oakley quotesJohn Paul Jones popularity 8/10  John Paul Jones quotes
Ansel Adams popularity 9/10  Ansel Adams quotesJohn Philip Sousa popularity 8/10  John Philip Sousa quotes
Anthony Wayne popularity 6/10  Anthony Wayne quotesJohn Quincy Adams popularity 8/10  John Quincy Adams quotes
Arthur Fiedler popularity 5/10  Arthur Fiedler quotesJohn Sevier popularity 6/10  John Sevier quotes
Arturo Toscanini popularity 6/10  Arturo Toscanini quotesJohn Sloan popularity 6/10  John Sloan quotes
Ashley Young popularity 6/10  Ashley Young quotesJohn Smith popularity 8/10  John Smith quotes
Audie Murphy popularity 8/10  Audie Murphy quotesJohn Steinbeck popularity 9/10  John Steinbeck quotes
Augustus Saint-Gaudens popularity 5/10  Augustus Saint-Gaudens quotesJohn Sullivan popularity 6/10  John Sullivan quotes
Ayn Rand popularity 8/10  Ayn Rand quotesJohn Trumbull popularity 6/10  John Trumbull quotes
Babe Zaharias popularity 6/10  Babe Zaharias quotesJohn Tyler popularity 8/10  John Tyler quotes
Bat Masterson popularity 7/10  Bat Masterson quotesJohn Watson Foster popularity 0/10  John Watson Foster quotes
Bela Lugosi popularity 7/10  Bela Lugosi quotesJohn Wayne popularity 9/10  John Wayne quotes
Belva Lockwood popularity 6/10  Belva Lockwood quotesJohn Webber popularity 5/10  John Webber quotes
Benjamin Banneker popularity 9/10  Benjamin Banneker quotesJohn Wesley Powell popularity 6/10  John Wesley Powell quotes
Benjamin Franklin popularity 10/10  Benjamin Franklin quotesJohn Witherspoon popularity 6/10  John Witherspoon quotes
Benjamin Harrison popularity 8/10  Benjamin Harrison quotesJohnny Appleseed popularity 9/10  Johnny Appleseed quotes
Benjamin Latrobe popularity 1/10  Benjamin Latrobe quotesJohnny Mercer popularity 7/10  Johnny Mercer quotes
Benjamin West popularity 6/10  Benjamin West quotesJohns Hopkins popularity 8/10  Johns Hopkins quotes
Benny Goodman popularity 8/10  Benny Goodman quotesJoseph Priestley popularity 7/10  Joseph Priestley quotes
Bernard Maybeck popularity 6/10  Bernard Maybeck quotesJoseph Pulitzer popularity 6/10  Joseph Pulitzer quotes
Bessie Coleman popularity 8/10  Bessie Coleman quotesJoseph Stilwell popularity 5/10  Joseph Stilwell quotes
Bessie Smith popularity 9/10  Bessie Smith quotesJosh White popularity 6/10  Josh White quotes
Betsy Ross popularity 9/10  Betsy Ross quotesJoshua Johnson popularity 5/10  Joshua Johnson quotes
Bill Cosby popularity 9/10  Bill Cosby quotesJudy Garland popularity 9/10  Judy Garland quotes
Bill Haley popularity 8/10  Bill Haley quotesJulia Ward Howe popularity 7/10  Julia Ward Howe quotes
Billie Holiday popularity 9/10  Billie Holiday quotesJuliette Gordon Low popularity 7/10  Juliette Gordon Low quotes
Bing Crosby popularity 8/10  Bing Crosby quotesKate Douglas Wiggin popularity 5/10  Kate Douglas Wiggin quotes
Bob Wills popularity 7/10  Bob Wills quotesKit Carson popularity 8/10  Kit Carson quotes
Bobby Jones popularity 8/10  Bobby Jones quotesKnute Rockne popularity 7/10  Knute Rockne quotes
Booker T. Washington popularity 9/10  Booker T. Washington quotesLajos Kossuth popularity 0/10  Lajos Kossuth quotes
Boris Karloff popularity 7/10  Boris Karloff quotesLangston Hughes popularity 9/10  Langston Hughes quotes
Bret Harte popularity 7/10  Bret Harte quotesLaura Ingalls Wilder popularity 9/10  Laura Ingalls Wilder quotes
Bud Abbott popularity 6/10  Bud Abbott quotesLee De Forest popularity 6/10  Lee De Forest quotes
Buddy Holly popularity 9/10  Buddy Holly quotesLeonard Bernstein popularity 8/10  Leonard Bernstein quotes
Buffalo Bill popularity 8/10  Buffalo Bill quotesLeopold Stokowski popularity 4/10  Leopold Stokowski quotes
Buster Keaton popularity 8/10  Buster Keaton quotesLewis Hine popularity 6/10  Lewis Hine quotes
Calvin Coolidge popularity 8/10  Calvin Coolidge quotesLiberty Hyde Bailey popularity 4/10  Liberty Hyde Bailey quotes
Carl Sandburg popularity 8/10  Carl Sandburg quotesLila Acheson Wallace popularity 1/10  Lila Acheson Wallace quotes
Carl Schurz popularity 6/10  Carl Schurz quotesLionel Barrymore popularity 6/10  Lionel Barrymore quotes
Carrie Chapman Catt popularity 7/10  Carrie Chapman Catt quotesLorenz Hart popularity 5/10  Lorenz Hart quotes
Carter G. Woodson popularity 8/10  Carter G. Woodson quotesLou Costello popularity 7/10  Lou Costello quotes
Cary Grant popularity 8/10  Cary Grant quotesLou Gehrig popularity 8/10  Lou Gehrig quotes
Casey Jones popularity 8/10  Casey Jones quotesLouis Armstrong popularity 10/10  Louis Armstrong quotes
Charles Evans Hughes popularity 6/10  Charles Evans Hughes quotesLouis Henri Sullivan popularity 5/10  Louis Henri Sullivan quotes
Charles Goodnight popularity 6/10  Charles Goodnight quotesLouisa May Alcott popularity 8/10  Louisa May Alcott quotes
Charles Ives popularity 8/10  Charles Ives quotesLouise Nevelson popularity 8/10  Louise Nevelson quotes
Charles Lindbergh popularity 8/10  Charles Lindbergh quotesLucille Ball popularity 9/10  Lucille Ball quotes
Charles M. Russell popularity 5/10  Charles M. Russell quotesLucretia Mott popularity 8/10  Lucretia Mott quotes
Charles P. Steinmetz popularity 5/10  Charles P. Steinmetz quotesLucy Stone popularity 8/10  Lucy Stone quotes
Charles Thomson popularity 6/10  Charles Thomson quotesLudwig Mies van der Rohe popularity 6/10  Ludwig Mies van der Rohe quotes
Charlie Chaplin popularity 9/10  Charlie Chaplin quotesLuther Burbank popularity 7/10  Luther Burbank quotes
Charlie Parker popularity 8/10  Charlie Parker quotesLyndon B. Johnson popularity 8/10  Lyndon B. Johnson quotes
Chester A. Arthur popularity 7/10  Chester A. Arthur quotesLynn Fontanne popularity 3/10  Lynn Fontanne quotes
Chester W. Nimitz popularity 5/10  Chester W. Nimitz quotesMa Rainey popularity 7/10  Ma Rainey quotes
Chief Joseph popularity 0/10  Chief Joseph quotesMahalia Jackson popularity 8/10  Mahalia Jackson quotes
Christy Mathewson popularity 5/10  Christy Mathewson quotesMalcolm X popularity 9/10  Malcolm X quotes
Clara Barton popularity 9/10  Clara Barton quotesMan Ray popularity 8/10  Man Ray quotes
Clara Bow popularity 8/10  Clara Bow quotesMargaret Mead popularity 8/10  Margaret Mead quotes
Clara Maass popularity 4/10  Clara Maass quotesMarianne Moore popularity 6/10  Marianne Moore quotes
Clara Ward popularity 6/10  Clara Ward quotesMarilyn Monroe popularity 10/10  Marilyn Monroe quotes
Clark Gable popularity 8/10  Clark Gable quotesMark Hopkins popularity 6/10  Mark Hopkins quotes
Claude Pepper popularity 3/10  Claude Pepper quotesMark Rothko popularity 7/10  Mark Rothko quotes
Cole Porter popularity 8/10  Cole Porter quotesMark Twain popularity 9/10  Mark Twain quotes
Coleman Hawkins popularity 6/10  Coleman Hawkins quotesMarquis De Lafayette popularity 8/10  Marquis De Lafayette quotes
Copernicus popularity 8/10  Copernicus quotesMartha Washington popularity 8/10  Martha Washington quotes
Cordell Hull popularity 6/10  Cordell Hull quotesMartin Luther popularity 9/10  Martin Luther quotes
Count Basie popularity 8/10  Count Basie quotesMartin Luther King, Jr. popularity 0/10  Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes
Crazy Horse popularity 9/10  Crazy Horse quotesMartin Van Buren popularity 8/10  Martin Van Buren quotes
Cy Young popularity 8/10  Cy Young quotesMary Cassatt popularity 9/10  Mary Cassatt quotes
Dag Hammarskjold popularity 6/10  Dag Hammarskjold quotesMary Chesnut popularity 6/10  Mary Chesnut quotes
Daniel Boone popularity 9/10  Daniel Boone quotesMary Lyon popularity 6/10  Mary Lyon quotes
Daniel Chester French popularity 5/10  Daniel Chester French quotesMary McLeod Bethune popularity 8/10  Mary McLeod Bethune quotes
Daniel Webster popularity 8/10  Daniel Webster quotesMatthew Perry popularity 8/10  Matthew Perry quotes
Dante Alighieri popularity 7/10  Dante Alighieri quotesMichael Collins popularity 7/10  Michael Collins quotes
David Cobb popularity 8/10  David Cobb quotesMichelangelo popularity 9/10  Michelangelo quotes
David Porter (US Navy) popularity 0/10  David Porter (US Navy) quotesMillard Fillmore popularity 8/10  Millard Fillmore quotes
Davy Crockett popularity 9/10  Davy Crockett quotesMinor White popularity 6/10  Minor White quotes
Dean Acheson popularity 6/10  Dean Acheson quotesMohandas Gandhi popularity 8/10  Mohandas Gandhi quotes
Dennis Chavez popularity 6/10  Dennis Chavez quotesMuddy Waters popularity 8/10  Muddy Waters quotes
Desi Arnaz popularity 7/10  Desi Arnaz quotesNat King Cole popularity 9/10  Nat King Cole quotes
Dizzy Dean popularity 6/10  Dizzy Dean quotesNathan Hale popularity 8/10  Nathan Hale quotes
Dolley Madison popularity 7/10  Dolley Madison quotesNathanael Greene popularity 7/10  Nathanael Greene quotes
Dorothea Dix popularity 8/10  Dorothea Dix quotesNathaniel Hawthorne popularity 8/10  Nathaniel Hawthorne quotes
Dorothea Lange popularity 8/10  Dorothea Lange quotesNathaniel Palmer popularity 3/10  Nathaniel Palmer quotes
Dorothy Fields popularity 5/10  Dorothy Fields quotesNeil Armstrong popularity 9/10  Neil Armstrong quotes
Dorothy Parker popularity 8/10  Dorothy Parker quotesNikola Tesla popularity 8/10  Nikola Tesla quotes
Douglas Fairbanks popularity 6/10  Douglas Fairbanks quotesNoah Webster popularity 7/10  Noah Webster quotes
Douglas MacArthur popularity 8/10  Douglas MacArthur quotesNorman Rockwell popularity 8/10  Norman Rockwell quotes
Dr. Paul Dudley White popularity 0/10  Dr. Paul Dudley White quotesOgden Nash popularity 8/10  Ogden Nash quotes
Dr. Robert H. Goddard popularity 5/10  Dr. Robert H. Goddard quotesOliver Hardy popularity 7/10  Oliver Hardy quotes
Dr. Seuss popularity 9/10  Dr. Seuss quotesOliver Wendell Holmes popularity 7/10  Oliver Wendell Holmes quotes
Duke Ellington popularity 9/10  Duke Ellington quotesOmar Bradley popularity 0/10  Omar Bradley quotes
Duke Kahanamoku popularity 7/10  Duke Kahanamoku quotesOrson Welles popularity 8/10  Orson Welles quotes
Dwight David Eisenhower popularity 7/10  Dwight David Eisenhower quotesOrville Wright popularity 8/10  Orville Wright quotes
Earl Warren popularity 6/10  Earl Warren quotesOscar Hammerstein II popularity 6/10  Oscar Hammerstein II quotes
Eddie Collins popularity 5/10  Eddie Collins quotesOtis Redding popularity 9/10  Otis Redding quotes
Eddie Rickenbacker popularity 7/10  Eddie Rickenbacker quotesPatrick Henry popularity 9/10  Patrick Henry quotes
Edgar Allan Poe popularity 10/10  Edgar Allan Poe quotesPatsy Cline popularity 8/10  Patsy Cline quotes
Edgar Lee Masters popularity 7/10  Edgar Lee Masters quotesPaul Bryant popularity 5/10  Paul Bryant quotes
Edith Wharton popularity 7/10  Edith Wharton quotesPaul Laurence Dunbar popularity 8/10  Paul Laurence Dunbar quotes
Edna Ferber popularity 6/10  Edna Ferber quotesPaul Revere popularity 10/10  Paul Revere quotes
Edna St. Vincent Millay popularity 0/10  Edna St. Vincent Millay quotesPaul Robeson popularity 8/10  Paul Robeson quotes
Edward G. Robinson popularity 6/10  Edward G. Robinson quotesPaul Strand popularity 7/10  Paul Strand quotes
Edward Hopper popularity 8/10  Edward Hopper quotesPearl S. Buck popularity 7/10  Pearl S. Buck quotes
Edward R. Murrow popularity 6/10  Edward R. Murrow quotesPeter Francisco popularity 6/10  Peter Francisco quotes
Edward Steichen popularity 7/10  Edward Steichen quotesPhilip Henry Sheridan popularity 6/10  Philip Henry Sheridan quotes
Edward Weston popularity 8/10  Edward Weston quotesPocahontas popularity 10/10  Pocahontas quotes
Edwin Armstrong popularity 6/10  Edwin Armstrong quotesRachel Carson popularity 8/10  Rachel Carson quotes
Eleanor Roosevelt popularity 9/10  Eleanor Roosevelt quotesRalph Bunche popularity 8/10  Ralph Bunche quotes
Eli Whitney popularity 9/10  Eli Whitney quotesRalph Waldo Emerson popularity 8/10  Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes
Elizabeth Blackwell popularity 9/10  Elizabeth Blackwell quotesRamon Magsaysay popularity 5/10  Ramon Magsaysay quotes
Elizabeth Cady Stanton popularity 8/10  Elizabeth Cady Stanton quotesRaoul Wallenberg popularity 7/10  Raoul Wallenberg quotes
Elvis Presley popularity 10/10  Elvis Presley quotesRed Cloud popularity 8/10  Red Cloud quotes
Emily Dickinson popularity 9/10  Emily Dickinson quotesRichard Buckminster Fuller popularity 5/10  Richard Buckminster Fuller quotes
Emily Post popularity 7/10  Emily Post quotesRichard Byrd popularity 7/10  Richard Byrd quotes
Enrico Caruso popularity 6/10  Enrico Caruso quotesRichard M. Nixon popularity 7/10  Richard M. Nixon quotes
Enrico Fermi popularity 8/10  Enrico Fermi quotesRichard Rodgers popularity 6/10  Richard Rodgers quotes
Ernest Hemingway popularity 9/10  Ernest Hemingway quotesRichard Rush popularity 3/10  Richard Rush quotes
Ethan Allen popularity 9/10  Ethan Allen quotesRichard Russell popularity 5/10  Richard Russell quotes
Ethel Barrymore popularity 5/10  Ethel Barrymore quotesRichard Tucker popularity 5/10  Richard Tucker quotes
Ethel Merman popularity 7/10  Ethel Merman quotesRobert A. Taft popularity 4/10  Robert A. Taft quotes
Ethel Waters popularity 8/10  Ethel Waters quotesRobert E. Lee popularity 9/10  Robert E. Lee quotes
Eubie Blake popularity 6/10  Eubie Blake quotesRobert Fawcett popularity 5/10  Robert Fawcett quotes
Eugene O'Neill popularity 0/10  Eugene O'Neill quotesRobert Francis Kennedy popularity 5/10  Robert Francis Kennedy quotes
Eugene Ormandy popularity 5/10  Eugene Ormandy quotesRobert Frost popularity 9/10  Robert Frost quotes
Everett Dirksen popularity 4/10  Everett Dirksen quotesRobert Fulton Abernethy popularity 0/10  Robert Fulton Abernethy quotes
F. Scott Fitzgerald popularity 0/10  F. Scott Fitzgerald quotesRobert Johnson popularity 8/10  Robert Johnson quotes
Fanny Brice popularity 7/10  Fanny Brice quotesRoberto Clemente popularity 8/10  Roberto Clemente quotes
Frances E. Willard popularity 2/10  Frances E. Willard quotesRobinson Jeffers popularity 6/10  Robinson Jeffers quotes
Frances Perkins popularity 7/10  Frances Perkins quotesRocky Marciano popularity 8/10  Rocky Marciano quotes
Francis Drake popularity 8/10  Francis Drake quotesRoger B. Taney popularity 5/10  Roger B. Taney quotes
Francis Scott Key popularity 8/10  Francis Scott Key quotesRoger Maris popularity 8/10  Roger Maris quotes
Frank Lloyd Wright popularity 8/10  Frank Lloyd Wright quotesRoger Sherman popularity 7/10  Roger Sherman quotes
Frank Loesser popularity 6/10  Frank Loesser quotesRogers Hornsby popularity 5/10  Rogers Hornsby quotes
Franklin D. Roosevelt popularity 8/10  Franklin D. Roosevelt quotesRoy Wilkins popularity 6/10  Roy Wilkins quotes
Franklin Pierce popularity 8/10  Franklin Pierce quotesRudolph Valentino popularity 7/10  Rudolph Valentino quotes
Franz Kline popularity 6/10  Franz Kline quotesRuth Benedict popularity 6/10  Ruth Benedict quotes
Frederic Edwin Church popularity 6/10  Frederic Edwin Church quotesRutherford B. Hayes popularity 7/10  Rutherford B. Hayes quotes
Frederic Remington popularity 7/10  Frederic Remington quotesSacagawea popularity 9/10  Sacagawea quotes
Frederick Douglass popularity 9/10  Frederick Douglass quotesSam Houston popularity 8/10  Sam Houston quotes
Frida Kahlo popularity 9/10  Frida Kahlo quotesSam Rayburn popularity 6/10  Sam Rayburn quotes
Garry Winogrand popularity 6/10  Garry Winogrand quotesSamuel Barber popularity 7/10  Samuel Barber quotes
Gary Cooper popularity 7/10  Gary Cooper quotesSamuel Gompers popularity 7/10  Samuel Gompers quotes
General George Catlett Marshall popularity 0/10  General George Catlett Marshall quotesSamuel Huntington popularity 6/10  Samuel Huntington quotes
General George S. Patton popularity 6/10  General George S. Patton quotesSatchel Paige popularity 8/10  Satchel Paige quotes
George Caleb Bingham popularity 6/10  George Caleb Bingham quotesScott Joplin popularity 9/10  Scott Joplin quotes
George Catlin popularity 7/10  George Catlin quotesSequoyah popularity 8/10  Sequoyah quotes
George Dewey popularity 5/10  George Dewey quotesSidney Lanier popularity 6/10  Sidney Lanier quotes
George Eastman popularity 8/10  George Eastman quotesSimón Bolívar popularity 0/10  Simón Bolívar quotes
George Gershwin popularity 8/10  George Gershwin quotesSinclair Lewis popularity 7/10  Sinclair Lewis quotes
George Halas popularity 6/10  George Halas quotesSitting Bull popularity 8/10  Sitting Bull quotes
George M. Cohan popularity 6/10  George M. Cohan quotesSojourner Truth popularity 9/10  Sojourner Truth quotes
George Mason popularity 8/10  George Mason quotesSonny Terry popularity 6/10  Sonny Terry quotes
George Meany popularity 5/10  George Meany quotesSt. Francis of Assisi popularity 7/10  St. Francis of Assisi quotes
George Read popularity 6/10  George Read quotesStan  Laurel popularity 0/10  Stan Laurel quotes
George Rogers Clark popularity 8/10  George Rogers Clark quotesStephen Decatur popularity 6/10  Stephen Decatur quotes
George Ross popularity 6/10  George Ross quotesStephen Vincent Benet popularity 7/10  Stephen Vincent Benet quotes
George Szell popularity 3/10  George Szell quotesStuart Davis popularity 7/10  Stuart Davis quotes
George Washington popularity 10/10  George Washington quotesSun Yat-Sen popularity 6/10  Sun Yat-Sen quotes
George Washington Carver popularity 10/10  George Washington Carver quotesSusan B. Anthony popularity 9/10  Susan B. Anthony quotes
Georgia O'Keeffe popularity 0/10  Georgia O'Keeffe quotesTad Lincoln popularity 4/10  Tad Lincoln quotes
Geronimo popularity 8/10  Geronimo quotesTennessee Williams popularity 8/10  Tennessee Williams quotes
Gilbert White popularity 4/10  Gilbert White quotesTheda Bara popularity 7/10  Theda Bara quotes
Giuseppe Garibaldi popularity 6/10  Giuseppe Garibaldi quotesThelonious Monk popularity 8/10  Thelonious Monk quotes
Glenn Miller popularity 8/10  Glenn Miller quotesTheodore Roosevelt popularity 9/10  Theodore Roosevelt quotes
Goya popularity 8/10  Goya quotesThomas Alva Edison popularity 8/10  Thomas Alva Edison quotes
Grace Kelly popularity 8/10  Grace Kelly quotesThomas Ball popularity 0/10  Thomas Ball quotes
Grandma Moses popularity 8/10  Grandma Moses quotesThomas Cole popularity 7/10  Thomas Cole quotes
Grant Wood popularity 8/10  Grant Wood quotesThomas Corwin popularity 5/10  Thomas Corwin quotes
Grover Cleveland popularity 8/10  Grover Cleveland quotesThomas Eakins popularity 7/10  Thomas Eakins quotes
Gutenberg popularity 8/10  Gutenberg quotesThomas Ewing popularity 4/10  Thomas Ewing quotes
Gutzon Borglum popularity 6/10  Gutzon Borglum quotesThomas Gainsborough popularity 6/10  Thomas Gainsborough quotes
Hank Williams popularity 9/10  Hank Williams quotesThomas Hart Benton popularity 8/10  Thomas Hart Benton quotes
Harlan Stone popularity 5/10  Harlan Stone quotesThomas J. Jackson popularity 6/10  Thomas J. Jackson quotes
Harold Arlen popularity 6/10  Harold Arlen quotesThomas Jefferson popularity 10/10  Thomas Jefferson quotes
Harold Lloyd popularity 7/10  Harold Lloyd quotesThomas Moran popularity 6/10  Thomas Moran quotes
Harriet Tubman popularity 9/10  Harriet Tubman quotesThomas Paine popularity 9/10  Thomas Paine quotes
Harry Houdini popularity 8/10  Harry Houdini quotesThomas Wolfe popularity 7/10  Thomas Wolfe quotes
Harry S Truman popularity 8/10  Harry S Truman quotesThornton Wilder popularity 7/10  Thornton Wilder quotes
Harvey Cushing popularity 5/10  Harvey Cushing quotesTommy Dorsey popularity 7/10  Tommy Dorsey quotes
Harvey Dunn popularity 6/10  Harvey Dunn quotesTris Speaker popularity 5/10  Tris Speaker quotes
Helen Keller popularity 10/10  Helen Keller quotesTy Cobb popularity 8/10  Ty Cobb quotes
Henry Clay popularity 8/10  Henry Clay quotesUlysses S. Grant popularity 8/10  Ulysses S. Grant quotes
Henry David Thoreau popularity 0/10  Henry David Thoreau quotesVictor Herbert popularity 6/10  Victor Herbert quotes
Henry Ford popularity 9/10  Henry Ford quotesVilhjalmur Stefansson popularity 0/10  Vilhjalmur Stefansson quotes
Henry Hudson popularity 9/10  Henry Hudson quotesVince Lombardi popularity 8/10  Vince Lombardi quotes
Henry Knox popularity 6/10  Henry Knox quotesVivien Leigh popularity 7/10  Vivien Leigh quotes
Henry R. Luce popularity 2/10  Henry R. Luce quotesW. C. Fields popularity 6/10  W. C. Fields quotes
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow popularity 8/10  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow quotesW. E. B. Du Bois popularity 5/10  W. E. B. Du Bois quotes
Herbert Hoover popularity 8/10  Herbert Hoover quotesW. Eugene Smith popularity 6/10  W. Eugene Smith quotes
Herman Melville popularity 8/10  Herman Melville quotesWalker Evans popularity 7/10  Walker Evans quotes
Hoagy Carmichael popularity 7/10  Hoagy Carmichael quotesWalt Disney popularity 10/10  Walt Disney quotes
Honus Wagner popularity 7/10  Honus Wagner quotesWalt Whitman popularity 9/10  Walt Whitman quotes
Horace Greeley popularity 6/10  Horace Greeley quotesWalter Gropius popularity 6/10  Walter Gropius quotes
Horace Mann popularity 8/10  Horace Mann quotesWalter Johnson popularity 6/10  Walter Johnson quotes
Howard Pyle popularity 6/10  Howard Pyle quotesWalter Lippmann popularity 0/10  Walter Lippmann quotes
Hubert H. Humphrey popularity 6/10  Hubert H. Humphrey quotesWalter Reed popularity 7/10  Walter Reed quotes
Hugo Black popularity 6/10  Hugo Black quotesWalter Stewart popularity 0/10  Walter Stewart quotes
Humphrey Bogart popularity 8/10  Humphrey Bogart quotesWarren G. Harding popularity 7/10  Warren G. Harding quotes
Ida B. Wells popularity 7/10  Ida B. Wells quotesWashington Irving popularity 8/10  Washington Irving quotes
Igor Sikorsky popularity 7/10  Igor Sikorsky quotesWendell L. Willkie popularity 3/10  Wendell L. Willkie quotes
Igor Stravinsky popularity 8/10  Igor Stravinsky quotesWhitney M. Young, Jr. popularity 0/10  Whitney M. Young, Jr. quotes
Ira Gershwin popularity 6/10  Ira Gershwin quotesWilbur Wright popularity 8/10  Wilbur Wright quotes
Irving Berlin popularity 8/10  Irving Berlin quotesWild Bill Hickok popularity 8/10  Wild Bill Hickok quotes
Isabella I of Spain popularity 4/10  Isabella I of Spain quotesWiley Post popularity 6/10  Wiley Post quotes
Jack Benny popularity 8/10  Jack Benny quotesWill Rogers popularity 8/10  Will Rogers quotes
Jack Dempsey popularity 8/10  Jack Dempsey quotesWilla Sibert Cather popularity 0/10  Willa Sibert Cather quotes
Jack London popularity 8/10  Jack London quotesWilliam Allen White popularity 6/10  William Allen White quotes
Jackie Robinson popularity 10/10  Jackie Robinson quotesWilliam Bartram popularity 5/10  William Bartram quotes
Jackson Pollock popularity 8/10  Jackson Pollock quotesWilliam Christopher Handy popularity 5/10  William Christopher Handy quotes
Jacqueline Cochran popularity 6/10  Jacqueline Cochran quotesWilliam Clark popularity 8/10  William Clark quotes
James A. Garfield popularity 7/10  James A. Garfield quotesWilliam Cullen Bryant popularity 7/10  William Cullen Bryant quotes
James Buchanan popularity 8/10  James Buchanan quotesWilliam Faulkner popularity 8/10  William Faulkner quotes
James Cagney popularity 7/10  James Cagney quotesWilliam H. Seward popularity 5/10  William H. Seward quotes
James Cook popularity 8/10  James Cook quotesWilliam Henry Harrison popularity 8/10  William Henry Harrison quotes
James Dean popularity 9/10  James Dean quotesWilliam Howard Taft popularity 8/10  William Howard Taft quotes
James Fenimore Cooper popularity 7/10  James Fenimore Cooper quotesWilliam Jennings Bryan popularity 7/10  William Jennings Bryan quotes
James Guthrie popularity 5/10  James Guthrie quotesWilliam McKinley popularity 8/10  William McKinley quotes
James Knox Polk popularity 6/10  James Knox Polk quotesWilliam Penn popularity 8/10  William Penn quotes
James Madison popularity 9/10  James Madison quotesWilliam Saroyan popularity 5/10  William Saroyan quotes
James Monroe popularity 8/10  James Monroe quotesWilliam Shakespeare popularity 10/10  William Shakespeare quotes
James Montgomery Flagg popularity 5/10  James Montgomery Flagg quotesWilliam Tecumseh Sherman popularity 7/10  William Tecumseh Sherman quotes
James Naismith popularity 8/10  James Naismith quotesWinfield Scott popularity 7/10  Winfield Scott quotes
James P. Johnson popularity 5/10  James P. Johnson quotesWinslow Homer popularity 8/10  Winslow Homer quotes
James Russell Lowell popularity 6/10  James Russell Lowell quotesWinston Churchill popularity 9/10  Winston Churchill quotes
James Thurber popularity 7/10  James Thurber quotesWinthrop Sargent popularity 3/10  Winthrop Sargent quotes
James Van Der Zee popularity 6/10  James Van Der Zee quotesWoodrow Wilson popularity 0/10  Woodrow Wilson quotes
James Weldon Johnson popularity 8/10  James Weldon Johnson quotesWoody Guthrie popularity 8/10  Woody Guthrie quotes
James Whistler popularity 6/10  James Whistler quotesWyatt Earp popularity 8/10  Wyatt Earp quotes
James Whitcomb Riley popularity 6/10  James Whitcomb Riley quotesZachary Taylor popularity 8/10  Zachary Taylor quotes
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