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By religious belief: Jews

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Aaron Copland popularity 8/10  Aaron Copland quotesJohn Forsythe popularity 6/10  John Forsythe quotes
Abbie Hoffman popularity 7/10  Abbie Hoffman quotesJohn Frankenheimer popularity 1/10  John Frankenheimer quotes
Abe Fortas popularity 5/10  Abe Fortas quotesJohn Houseman popularity 6/10  John Houseman quotes
Abe Foxman popularity 0/10  Abe Foxman quotesJohn Schlesinger popularity 1/10  John Schlesinger quotes
Adam Duritz popularity 6/10  Adam Duritz quotesJon Lovitz popularity 6/10  Jon Lovitz quotes
Adam Goldberg popularity 5/10  Adam Goldberg quotesJon Stewart popularity 8/10  Jon Stewart quotes
Adam Sandler popularity 10/10  Adam Sandler quotesJonah Goldberg popularity 5/10  Jonah Goldberg quotes
Adolph S. Ochs popularity 3/10  Adolph S. Ochs quotesJonathan Lipnicki popularity 7/10  Jonathan Lipnicki quotes
Al Capp popularity 6/10  Al Capp quotesJonathan Richman popularity 7/10  Jonathan Richman quotes
Al Davis popularity 5/10  Al Davis quotesJoseph Brodsky popularity 5/10  Joseph Brodsky quotes
Al Franken popularity 8/10  Al Franken quotesJoseph Schenck popularity 1/10  Joseph Schenck quotes
Al Hirschfeld popularity 6/10  Al Hirschfeld quotesJudd Nelson popularity 7/10  Judd Nelson quotes
Al Jolson popularity 8/10  Al Jolson quotesJudy Chicago popularity 7/10  Judy Chicago quotes
Al Lewis popularity 6/10  Al Lewis quotesJudy Holliday popularity 6/10  Judy Holliday quotes
Alan Berg popularity 6/10  Alan Berg quotesJulius Lester popularity 6/10  Julius Lester quotes
Alan Greenspan popularity 8/10  Alan Greenspan quotesJulius Rosenberg popularity 6/10  Julius Rosenberg quotes
Alan King popularity 6/10  Alan King quotesJulius Schwartz popularity 0/10  Julius Schwartz quotes
Alan M. Dershowitz popularity 0/10  Alan M. Dershowitz quotesKarl Marx popularity 9/10  Karl Marx quotes
Albert Brooks popularity 6/10  Albert Brooks quotesKate Capshaw popularity 8/10  Kate Capshaw quotes
Ali Macgraw popularity 7/10  Ali Macgraw quotesKenny G popularity 9/10  Kenny G quotes
Allard Lowenstein popularity 0/10  Allard Lowenstein quotesKevin Pollak popularity 6/10  Kevin Pollak quotes
Allen Funt popularity 3/10  Allen Funt quotesKinky Friedman popularity 8/10  Kinky Friedman quotes
Allen Ginsberg popularity 8/10  Allen Ginsberg quotesKirk Douglas popularity 7/10  Kirk Douglas quotes
Ally Sheedy popularity 8/10  Ally Sheedy quotesKitty Carlisle popularity 6/10  Kitty Carlisle quotes
Amedeo Modigliani popularity 6/10  Amedeo Modigliani quotesKurt Eisner popularity 0/10  Kurt Eisner quotes
Amos Oz popularity 6/10  Amos Oz quotesLarry David popularity 7/10  Larry David quotes
Amy Irving popularity 8/10  Amy Irving quotesLarry Ellison popularity 0/10  Larry Ellison quotes
Andrew Clay popularity 5/10  Andrew Clay quotesLarry Fine popularity 6/10  Larry Fine quotes
Andy Kaufman popularity 7/10  Andy Kaufman quotesLarry King popularity 8/10  Larry King quotes
Anne Frank popularity 10/10  Anne Frank quotesLarry Rivers popularity 6/10  Larry Rivers quotes
Anouk Aimee popularity 6/10  Anouk Aimee quotesLaura Schlessinger popularity 7/10  Laura Schlessinger quotes
Anthony Newley popularity 6/10  Anthony Newley quotesLauren Bacall popularity 0/10  Lauren Bacall quotes
Anthony Weiner popularity 4/10  Anthony Weiner quotesLaurence H. Tribe popularity 5/10  Laurence H. Tribe quotes
Apostle popularity 6/10  Apostle quotesLaurence Harvey popularity 6/10  Laurence Harvey quotes
Ariel Sharon popularity 7/10  Ariel Sharon quotesLenny Bruce popularity 3/10  Lenny Bruce quotes
Arlen Specter popularity 6/10  Arlen Specter quotesLenny Kravitz popularity 3/10  Lenny Kravitz quotes
Arnold Schoenberg popularity 7/10  Arnold Schoenberg quotesLenny Krayzelburg popularity 7/10  Lenny Krayzelburg quotes
Art Garfunkel popularity 8/10  Art Garfunkel quotesLeon Blum popularity 5/10  Leon Blum quotes
Art Modell popularity 6/10  Art Modell quotesLeon Trotsky popularity 8/10  Leon Trotsky quotes
Arthur J. Goldberg popularity 0/10  Arthur J. Goldberg quotesLeonard Bernstein popularity 8/10  Leonard Bernstein quotes
Arthur Koestler popularity 5/10  Arthur Koestler quotesLeonard Cohen popularity 0/10  Leonard Cohen quotes
Arthur Miller popularity 8/10  Arthur Miller quotesLeonard Nimoy popularity 7/10  Leonard Nimoy quotes
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger popularity 3/10  Arthur Ochs Sulzberger quotesLeslie West popularity 7/10  Leslie West quotes
Artie Shaw popularity 7/10  Artie Shaw quotesLev Leviev popularity 5/10  Lev Leviev quotes
Ayn Rand popularity 8/10  Ayn Rand quotesLevi Strauss popularity 4/10  Levi Strauss quotes
Barbara Bain popularity 6/10  Barbara Bain quotesLew Wasserman popularity 5/10  Lew Wasserman quotes
Barbara Boxer popularity 7/10  Barbara Boxer quotesLinda Eastman Mccartney popularity 0/10  Linda Eastman Mccartney quotes
Barbara Walters popularity 7/10  Barbara Walters quotesLinda Lavin popularity 6/10  Linda Lavin quotes
Barbra Streisand popularity 8/10  Barbra Streisand quotesLisa Kudrow popularity 0/10  Lisa Kudrow quotes
Barney Frank popularity 6/10  Barney Frank quotesLisa Loeb popularity 8/10  Lisa Loeb quotes
Barry Cohen popularity 5/10  Barry Cohen quotesLorin Maazel popularity 5/10  Lorin Maazel quotes
Barry Goldwater popularity 7/10  Barry Goldwater quotesLou Reed popularity 8/10  Lou Reed quotes
Barry Manilow popularity 8/10  Barry Manilow quotesLouis B. Mayer popularity 5/10  Louis B. Mayer quotes
Bea Arthur popularity 7/10  Bea Arthur quotesLouis D. Brandeis popularity 5/10  Louis D. Brandeis quotes
Ben Davidson popularity 5/10  Ben Davidson quotesLouis Kahn popularity 7/10  Louis Kahn quotes
Ben Hecht popularity 2/10  Ben Hecht quotesLouis Nizer popularity 0/10  Louis Nizer quotes
Ben Stiller popularity 8/10  Ben Stiller quotesLudwig Borne popularity 0/10  Ludwig Borne quotes
Benjamin Cardozo popularity 4/10  Benjamin Cardozo quotesLyle Alzado popularity 7/10  Lyle Alzado quotes
Benjamin Disraeli popularity 6/10  Benjamin Disraeli quotesMadeleine Albright popularity 6/10  Madeleine Albright quotes
Benny Goodman popularity 8/10  Benny Goodman quotesMalcolm Fraser popularity 5/10  Malcolm Fraser quotes
Bernard Malamud popularity 6/10  Bernard Malamud quotesMalcolm Glazer popularity 7/10  Malcolm Glazer quotes
Bess Myerson popularity 6/10  Bess Myerson quotesMalcolm Mclaren popularity 7/10  Malcolm Mclaren quotes
Bette Midler popularity 9/10  Bette Midler quotesMan Ray popularity 8/10  Man Ray quotes
Billy Crystal popularity 7/10  Billy Crystal quotesManfred Mann popularity 8/10  Manfred Mann quotes
Billy Joel popularity 10/10  Billy Joel quotesMarc Chagall popularity 8/10  Marc Chagall quotes
Billy Wilder popularity 5/10  Billy Wilder quotesMarc Jacobs popularity 8/10  Marc Jacobs quotes
Bob Arum popularity 0/10  Bob Arum quotesMarcel Proust popularity 7/10  Marcel Proust quotes
Bob Dylan popularity 10/10  Bob Dylan quotesMare Winningham popularity 6/10  Mare Winningham quotes
Bob Kane popularity 6/10  Bob Kane quotesMarilyn Monroe popularity 10/10  Marilyn Monroe quotes
Bob Weinstein popularity 4/10  Bob Weinstein quotesMark Knopfler popularity 8/10  Mark Knopfler quotes
Bobby Fischer popularity 8/10  Bobby Fischer quotesMark Spitz popularity 7/10  Mark Spitz quotes
Bud Selig popularity 6/10  Bud Selig quotesMarlee Matlin popularity 8/10  Marlee Matlin quotes
Buddy Hackett popularity 6/10  Buddy Hackett quotesMartin Landau popularity 6/10  Martin Landau quotes
Burt Bacharach popularity 8/10  Burt Bacharach quotesMarty Feldman popularity 7/10  Marty Feldman quotes
Calvin Klein popularity 9/10  Calvin Klein quotesMarty Friedman popularity 7/10  Marty Friedman quotes
Carl Bernstein popularity 6/10  Carl Bernstein quotesMarv Levy popularity 5/10  Marv Levy quotes
Carl Levin popularity 6/10  Carl Levin quotesMary Magdalene popularity 8/10  Mary Magdalene quotes
Carly Simon popularity 8/10  Carly Simon quotesMathieu Schneider popularity 5/10  Mathieu Schneider quotes
Carole King popularity 8/10  Carole King quotesMatthew Broderick popularity 7/10  Matthew Broderick quotes
Carolyn Jones popularity 7/10  Carolyn Jones quotesMax Jacob popularity 5/10  Max Jacob quotes
Carrie Fisher popularity 9/10  Carrie Fisher quotesMax Nordau popularity 1/10  Max Nordau quotes
Chaim Potok popularity 6/10  Chaim Potok quotesMax Weinberg popularity 6/10  Max Weinberg quotes
Chandra Levy popularity 8/10  Chandra Levy quotesMaxim Litvinov popularity 4/10  Maxim Litvinov quotes
Charles Grodin popularity 6/10  Charles Grodin quotesMayer Amschel Rothschild popularity 5/10  Mayer Amschel Rothschild quotes
Charles Krauthammer popularity 7/10  Charles Krauthammer quotesMel Blanc popularity 7/10  Mel Blanc quotes
Charlie Watts popularity 6/10  Charlie Watts quotesMel Brooks popularity 8/10  Mel Brooks quotes
Corey Feldman popularity 8/10  Corey Feldman quotesMeyer Lansky popularity 6/10  Meyer Lansky quotes
Curly Howard popularity 7/10  Curly Howard quotesMichael Chabon popularity 6/10  Michael Chabon quotes
Cynthia Ozick popularity 5/10  Cynthia Ozick quotesMichael Dell popularity 7/10  Michael Dell quotes
Daniel Barenboim popularity 5/10  Daniel Barenboim quotesMichael Douglas popularity 8/10  Michael Douglas quotes
Daniel Day-Lewis popularity 6/10  Daniel Day-Lewis quotesMichael Eisner popularity 6/10  Michael Eisner quotes
Daniel Libeskind popularity 7/10  Daniel Libeskind quotesMichael Landon popularity 7/10  Michael Landon quotes
Daniel Pearl popularity 8/10  Daniel Pearl quotesMichael Milken popularity 6/10  Michael Milken quotes
Danny Kaye popularity 8/10  Danny Kaye quotesMichael Winner popularity 1/10  Michael Winner quotes
Darryl Zanuck popularity 1/10  Darryl Zanuck quotesMick Jones popularity 6/10  Mick Jones quotes
David Copperfield popularity 8/10  David Copperfield quotesMickey Cohen popularity 5/10  Mickey Cohen quotes
David Horowitz popularity 8/10  David Horowitz quotesMike Wallace popularity 6/10  Mike Wallace quotes
David Lee Roth popularity 8/10  David Lee Roth quotesMikhail Khodorkovsky popularity 5/10  Mikhail Khodorkovsky quotes
David Mamet popularity 6/10  David Mamet quotesMilton Berle popularity 7/10  Milton Berle quotes
David Sarnoff popularity 6/10  David Sarnoff quotesMoe Berg popularity 6/10  Moe Berg quotes
Diane Arbus popularity 8/10  Diane Arbus quotesMoe Howard popularity 6/10  Moe Howard quotes
Dianne Feinstein popularity 6/10  Dianne Feinstein quotesMonty Hall popularity 6/10  Monty Hall quotes
Dinah Shore popularity 7/10  Dinah Shore quotesMordecai Richler popularity 6/10  Mordecai Richler quotes
Donald Fagen popularity 6/10  Donald Fagen quotesMort Sahl popularity 6/10  Mort Sahl quotes
Donna Karan popularity 8/10  Donna Karan quotesMoshe Dayan popularity 5/10  Moshe Dayan quotes
Dorothy Parker popularity 8/10  Dorothy Parker quotesNadine Gordimer popularity 0/10  Nadine Gordimer quotes
Douglas Feith popularity 6/10  Douglas Feith quotesNatalie Portman popularity 10/10  Natalie Portman quotes
Dustin Hoffman popularity 7/10  Dustin Hoffman quotesNeil Diamond popularity 9/10  Neil Diamond quotes
Dutch Schultz popularity 6/10  Dutch Schultz quotesNell Carter popularity 6/10  Nell Carter quotes
Dyan Cannon popularity 8/10  Dyan Cannon quotesNick Berg popularity 8/10  Nick Berg quotes
Ed King popularity 6/10  Ed King quotesNikki Ziering popularity 9/10  Nikki Ziering quotes
Eddie Cantor popularity 6/10  Eddie Cantor quotesNorm Coleman popularity 6/10  Norm Coleman quotes
Edith Stein popularity 6/10  Edith Stein quotesNorman Mailer popularity 6/10  Norman Mailer quotes
Edward G. Robinson popularity 6/10  Edward G. Robinson quotesNorman Podhoretz popularity 5/10  Norman Podhoretz quotes
Edward Rendell popularity 5/10  Edward Rendell quotesOliver Stone popularity 7/10  Oliver Stone quotes
Eli Cohen popularity 6/10  Eli Cohen quotesOtto Preminger popularity 6/10  Otto Preminger quotes
Elie Wiesel popularity 8/10  Elie Wiesel quotesPatricia Arquette popularity 9/10  Patricia Arquette quotes
Eliot Engel popularity 0/10  Eliot Engel quotesPaul Newman popularity 8/10  Paul Newman quotes
Elizabeth Taylor popularity 9/10  Elizabeth Taylor quotesPaul Simon popularity 9/10  Paul Simon quotes
Elliott Abrams popularity 6/10  Elliott Abrams quotesPaul Stanley popularity 8/10  Paul Stanley quotes
Emma Goldman popularity 8/10  Emma Goldman quotesPaul Warburg popularity 5/10  Paul Warburg quotes
Emma Lazarus popularity 6/10  Emma Lazarus quotesPaul Wellstone popularity 7/10  Paul Wellstone quotes
Emma Samms popularity 8/10  Emma Samms quotesPerry Farrell popularity 6/10  Perry Farrell quotes
Eric Carmen popularity 8/10  Eric Carmen quotesPeter Falk popularity 6/10  Peter Falk quotes
Ernest Borgnine popularity 6/10  Ernest Borgnine quotesPeter Lorre popularity 6/10  Peter Lorre quotes
Estelle Getty popularity 7/10  Estelle Getty quotesPeter Max popularity 8/10  Peter Max quotes
Ethel Rosenberg popularity 6/10  Ethel Rosenberg quotesPeter Sellers popularity 8/10  Peter Sellers quotes
Eugene Levy popularity 6/10  Eugene Levy quotesPhil Ochs popularity 8/10  Phil Ochs quotes
Fanny Brice popularity 7/10  Fanny Brice quotesPhilip Roth popularity 6/10  Philip Roth quotes
Felix Frankfurter popularity 6/10  Felix Frankfurter quotesPiper Laurie popularity 6/10  Piper Laurie quotes
Flavius Josephus popularity 6/10  Flavius Josephus quotesPrimo Levi popularity 6/10  Primo Levi quotes
Fran Drescher popularity 9/10  Fran Drescher quotesRachel Weisz popularity 9/10  Rachel Weisz quotes
Frank Gehry popularity 8/10  Frank Gehry quotesRalph Lauren popularity 9/10  Ralph Lauren quotes
Franz Kafka popularity 7/10  Franz Kafka quotesRam Dass popularity 6/10  Ram Dass quotes
Frida Kahlo popularity 9/10  Frida Kahlo quotesRandy Newman popularity 8/10  Randy Newman quotes
Fritz Lang popularity 6/10  Fritz Lang quotesRed Auerbach popularity 5/10  Red Auerbach quotes
Gabriel Kaplan popularity 5/10  Gabriel Kaplan quotesReuben Greenberg popularity 0/10  Reuben Greenberg quotes
Gary Ackerman popularity 4/10  Gary Ackerman quotesRhea Perlman popularity 6/10  Rhea Perlman quotes
Gene Simmons popularity 8/10  Gene Simmons quotesRichard Avedon popularity 8/10  Richard Avedon quotes
George Burns popularity 7/10  George Burns quotesRichard Belzer popularity 6/10  Richard Belzer quotes
George Cukor popularity 5/10  George Cukor quotesRichard Dreyfuss popularity 6/10  Richard Dreyfuss quotes
George Soros popularity 7/10  George Soros quotesRichard Hell popularity 7/10  Richard Hell quotes
Geraldo Rivera popularity 7/10  Geraldo Rivera quotesRichard Lewis popularity 6/10  Richard Lewis quotes
Gilbert Gottfried popularity 6/10  Gilbert Gottfried quotesRichard Tucker popularity 5/10  Richard Tucker quotes
Gilda Radner popularity 8/10  Gilda Radner quotesRick Moranis popularity 6/10  Rick Moranis quotes
Goldie Hawn popularity 9/10  Goldie Hawn quotesRobert de Niro popularity 7/10  Robert de Niro quotes
Gustav Mahler popularity 7/10  Gustav Mahler quotesRobert Evans popularity 6/10  Robert Evans quotes
Gwyneth Paltrow popularity 9/10  Gwyneth Paltrow quotesRobert Frank popularity 7/10  Robert Frank quotes
H.A. Rey popularity 6/10  H.A. Rey quotesRobert Rauschenberg popularity 7/10  Robert Rauschenberg quotes
Hal Linden popularity 5/10  Hal Linden quotesRobert Reich popularity 6/10  Robert Reich quotes
Hank Greenberg popularity 6/10  Hank Greenberg quotesRobert Silverberg popularity 5/10  Robert Silverberg quotes
Harlan Ellison popularity 7/10  Harlan Ellison quotesRobert Wise popularity 5/10  Robert Wise quotes
Harold Brodkey popularity 0/10  Harold Brodkey quotesRodney Dangerfield popularity 8/10  Rodney Dangerfield quotes
Harold Pinter popularity 6/10  Harold Pinter quotesRoman Polanski popularity 8/10  Roman Polanski quotes
Harold Ramis popularity 6/10  Harold Ramis quotesRon Blomberg popularity 5/10  Ron Blomberg quotes
Harrison Ford popularity 8/10  Harrison Ford quotesRon Wyden popularity 6/10  Ron Wyden quotes
Harry Houdini popularity 8/10  Harry Houdini quotesRosa Luxemburg popularity 6/10  Rosa Luxemburg quotes
Harry Oppenheimer popularity 5/10  Harry Oppenheimer quotesRoseanne Barr popularity 7/10  Roseanne Barr quotes
Harvey Fierstein popularity 6/10  Harvey Fierstein quotesRoy Lichtenstein popularity 8/10  Roy Lichtenstein quotes
Harvey Keitel popularity 7/10  Harvey Keitel quotesRoy M. Cohn popularity 1/10  Roy M. Cohn quotes
Harvey Weinstein popularity 6/10  Harvey Weinstein quotesRussell Mael popularity 5/10  Russell Mael quotes
Hedy Lamarr popularity 7/10  Hedy Lamarr quotesRuth Bader Ginsburg popularity 6/10  Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotes
Heinrich Heine popularity 6/10  Heinrich Heine quotesS. J. Perelman popularity 4/10  S. J. Perelman quotes
Helmut Newton popularity 8/10  Helmut Newton quotesSam Goldwyn popularity 5/10  Sam Goldwyn quotes
Henry A. Waxman popularity 2/10  Henry A. Waxman quotesSam Katz popularity 5/10  Sam Katz quotes
Henry Jaglom popularity 0/10  Henry Jaglom quotesSammy Davis, Jr. popularity 0/10  Sammy Davis, Jr. quotes
Henry Kissinger popularity 8/10  Henry Kissinger quotesSandra Bernhard popularity 7/10  Sandra Bernhard quotes
Henry Kravis popularity 1/10  Henry Kravis quotesSandy Koufax popularity 7/10  Sandy Koufax quotes
Herb Alpert popularity 8/10  Herb Alpert quotesSandy Nelson popularity 6/10  Sandy Nelson quotes
Herb Kohl popularity 6/10  Herb Kohl quotesSarah Bernhardt popularity 7/10  Sarah Bernhardt quotes
Herbert Henry Lehman popularity 0/10  Herbert Henry Lehman quotesSarah Jessica Parker popularity 9/10  Sarah Jessica Parker quotes
Herbert Samuel popularity 0/10  Herbert Samuel quotesSarah Michelle Gellar popularity 10/10  Sarah Michelle Gellar quotes
Herman Wouk popularity 6/10  Herman Wouk quotesSarah Silverman popularity 8/10  Sarah Silverman quotes
Howard Metzenbaum popularity 6/10  Howard Metzenbaum quotesSaul Bellow popularity 7/10  Saul Bellow quotes
Howard Stern popularity 10/10  Howard Stern quotesSerge Gainsbourg popularity 7/10  Serge Gainsbourg quotes
Howie Mandel popularity 6/10  Howie Mandel quotesSergey Brin popularity 5/10  Sergey Brin quotes
Hyman George Rickover popularity 1/10  Hyman George Rickover quotesShari Lewis popularity 6/10  Shari Lewis quotes
Ilan Ramon popularity 6/10  Ilan Ramon quotesShaul Mofaz popularity 3/10  Shaul Mofaz quotes
Ilya Ehrenburg popularity 0/10  Ilya Ehrenburg quotesShawn Green popularity 6/10  Shawn Green quotes
Ira Einhorn popularity 6/10  Ira Einhorn quotesShel Silverstein popularity 9/10  Shel Silverstein quotes
Irving Berlin popularity 8/10  Irving Berlin quotesSholom Aleichem popularity 5/10  Sholom Aleichem quotes
Irving Layton popularity 5/10  Irving Layton quotesSid Caesar popularity 6/10  Sid Caesar quotes
Isaac Asimov popularity 8/10  Isaac Asimov quotesSid James popularity 6/10  Sid James quotes
Isaac Babel popularity 6/10  Isaac Babel quotesSidney Lumet popularity 6/10  Sidney Lumet quotes
Isaac Bashevis Singer popularity 6/10  Isaac Bashevis Singer quotesSimon Wiesenthal popularity 7/10  Simon Wiesenthal quotes
Isaac Mizrahi popularity 7/10  Isaac Mizrahi quotesSimone Signoret popularity 5/10  Simone Signoret quotes
Isaac Stern popularity 6/10  Isaac Stern quotesSimone Veil popularity 5/10  Simone Veil quotes
Israel Zangwill popularity 4/10  Israel Zangwill quotesSophie Tucker popularity 6/10  Sophie Tucker quotes
Itzhak Perlman popularity 6/10  Itzhak Perlman quotesStan Lee popularity 7/10  Stan Lee quotes
Ivan Boesky popularity 6/10  Ivan Boesky quotesStanislaw Jerzy Lec popularity 1/10  Stanislaw Jerzy Lec quotes
Jack Benny popularity 8/10  Jack Benny quotesStanley Kubrick popularity 7/10  Stanley Kubrick quotes
Jack Kirby popularity 6/10  Jack Kirby quotesStefan Zweig popularity 5/10  Stefan Zweig quotes
Jack Klugman popularity 6/10  Jack Klugman quotesStephen G. Breyer popularity 3/10  Stephen G. Breyer quotes
Jack L. Warner popularity 6/10  Jack L. Warner quotesSteve Ballmer popularity 6/10  Steve Ballmer quotes
Jack Lang popularity 1/10  Jack Lang quotesSteve Guttenberg popularity 6/10  Steve Guttenberg quotes
Jack Ruby popularity 7/10  Jack Ruby quotesSteve Lacy popularity 5/10  Steve Lacy quotes
Jackie Fox popularity 3/10  Jackie Fox quotesSteven Spielberg popularity 8/10  Steven Spielberg quotes
Jakob Dylan popularity 6/10  Jakob Dylan quotesSusan Jacoby popularity 5/10  Susan Jacoby quotes
James Caan popularity 7/10  James Caan quotesSydney Pollack popularity 6/10  Sydney Pollack quotes
James R. Schlesinger popularity 2/10  James R. Schlesinger quotesTed Koppel popularity 6/10  Ted Koppel quotes
Jamie Lee Curtis popularity 10/10  Jamie Lee Curtis quotesTheda Bara popularity 7/10  Theda Bara quotes
Jane Wiedlin popularity 8/10  Jane Wiedlin quotesTheodor Herzl popularity 5/10  Theodor Herzl quotes
Jascha Heifetz popularity 6/10  Jascha Heifetz quotesTim Wise popularity 6/10  Tim Wise quotes
Jason Alexander popularity 7/10  Jason Alexander quotesTina Louise popularity 9/10  Tina Louise quotes
Jay Fiedler popularity 5/10  Jay Fiedler quotesTom Bosley popularity 6/10  Tom Bosley quotes
Jean Marie Cardinal Lustiger popularity 0/10  Jean Marie Cardinal Lustiger quotesTom Lantos popularity 4/10  Tom Lantos quotes
Jeff Agoos popularity 5/10  Jeff Agoos quotesTony Curtis popularity 6/10  Tony Curtis quotes
Jeff Goldblum popularity 7/10  Jeff Goldblum quotesTony Randall popularity 8/10  Tony Randall quotes
Jeff Halpern popularity 4/10  Jeff Halpern quotesTristan Tzara popularity 6/10  Tristan Tzara quotes
Jennifer Connelly popularity 10/10  Jennifer Connelly quotesUri Geller popularity 7/10  Uri Geller quotes
Jennifer Jason Leigh popularity 8/10  Jennifer Jason Leigh quotesVladimir Zhirinovsky popularity 0/10  Vladimir Zhirinovsky quotes
Jenny Jones popularity 8/10  Jenny Jones quotesWalter Becker popularity 5/10  Walter Becker quotes
Jerrold Nadler popularity 5/10  Jerrold Nadler quotesWalter Matthau popularity 6/10  Walter Matthau quotes
Jerry Lewis popularity 8/10  Jerry Lewis quotesWalter Mosley popularity 6/10  Walter Mosley quotes
Jerry Rubin popularity 6/10  Jerry Rubin quotesWarren Zevon popularity 8/10  Warren Zevon quotes
Jerry Seinfeld popularity 8/10  Jerry Seinfeld quotesWilliam Kristol popularity 6/10  William Kristol quotes
Jerry Springer popularity 9/10  Jerry Springer quotesWilliam Paley popularity 5/10  William Paley quotes
Jill Clayburgh popularity 7/10  Jill Clayburgh quotesWilliam S. Cohen popularity 4/10  William S. Cohen quotes
Joan Collins popularity 9/10  Joan Collins quotesWilliam Safire popularity 5/10  William Safire quotes
Joan Rivers popularity 8/10  Joan Rivers quotesWilliam Shatner popularity 8/10  William Shatner quotes
Joe Bob Briggs popularity 6/10  Joe Bob Briggs quotesWilliam Steig popularity 6/10  William Steig quotes
Joe Lieberman popularity 6/10  Joe Lieberman quotesWinona Ryder popularity 9/10  Winona Ryder quotes
Joe Simon popularity 6/10  Joe Simon quotesWoody Allen popularity 8/10  Woody Allen quotes
Joe Slovo popularity 3/10  Joe Slovo quotesYaphet Kotto popularity 6/10  Yaphet Kotto quotes
Joel Grey popularity 6/10  Joel Grey quotesYasmine Bleeth popularity 9/10  Yasmine Bleeth quotes
Joey Bishop popularity 6/10  Joey Bishop quotesYehudi Menuhin popularity 6/10  Yehudi Menuhin quotes
Joey Ramone popularity 7/10  Joey Ramone quotesYigal Amir popularity 0/10  Yigal Amir quotes
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