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By political conviction: Socialists

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Albert Camus popularity 8/10  Albert Camus quotesJohn Reid popularity 6/10  John Reid quotes
Albert Einstein popularity 10/10  Albert Einstein quotesJohn Wheatley popularity 4/10  John Wheatley quotes
Aleksander Kwasniewski popularity 6/10  Aleksander Kwasniewski quotesJoseph Hansen popularity 3/10  Joseph Hansen quotes
Alexander Berkman popularity 5/10  Alexander Berkman quotesJoseph Stalin popularity 9/10  Joseph Stalin quotes
Alexander Dubcek popularity 5/10  Alexander Dubcek quotesJulius K. Nyerere popularity 0/10  Julius K. Nyerere quotes
Andreas Papandreou popularity 5/10  Andreas Papandreou quotesKarl Liebknecht popularity 5/10  Karl Liebknecht quotes
Andrey Gromyko popularity 1/10  Andrey Gromyko quotesKarl Marx popularity 9/10  Karl Marx quotes
Aneurin Bevan popularity 2/10  Aneurin Bevan quotesKen Livingstone popularity 5/10  Ken Livingstone quotes
Angela Davis popularity 8/10  Angela Davis quotesKim Il Sung popularity 6/10  Kim Il Sung quotes
Anna Lindh popularity 6/10  Anna Lindh quotesKim Jong Il popularity 8/10  Kim Jong Il quotes
Annie Besant popularity 5/10  Annie Besant quotesKwame Nkrumah popularity 7/10  Kwame Nkrumah quotes
Antonio Gramsci popularity 6/10  Antonio Gramsci quotesLawrence Ferlinghetti popularity 7/10  Lawrence Ferlinghetti quotes
Arthur Calwell popularity 5/10  Arthur Calwell quotesLeon Blum popularity 5/10  Leon Blum quotes
Arthur Henderson popularity 0/10  Arthur Henderson quotesLeon Trotsky popularity 8/10  Leon Trotsky quotes
August Bebel popularity 0/10  August Bebel quotesLeonid Brezhnev popularity 6/10  Leonid Brezhnev quotes
Augusto Sandino popularity 6/10  Augusto Sandino quotesLevi Eshkol popularity 0/10  Levi Eshkol quotes
Avram Noam Chomsky popularity 4/10  Avram Noam Chomsky quotesLi Peng popularity 4/10  Li Peng quotes
Barbara Castle popularity 0/10  Barbara Castle quotesLin Biao popularity 5/10  Lin Biao quotes
Bartolomeo Vanzetti popularity 5/10  Bartolomeo Vanzetti quotesLionel Jospin popularity 3/10  Lionel Jospin quotes
Bayard Rustin popularity 6/10  Bayard Rustin quotesLouis Althusser popularity 5/10  Louis Althusser quotes
Beatrice Potter Webb popularity 3/10  Beatrice Potter Webb quotesLouis Blanc popularity 5/10  Louis Blanc quotes
Ben Chifley popularity 5/10  Ben Chifley quotesLouise Bryant popularity 6/10  Louise Bryant quotes
Benazir Bhutto popularity 6/10  Benazir Bhutto quotesManuel Marulanda popularity 1/10  Manuel Marulanda quotes
Benjamin Tucker popularity 2/10  Benjamin Tucker quotesMao Zedong popularity 8/10  Mao Zedong quotes
Bob Hawke popularity 6/10  Bob Hawke quotesMark Serwotka popularity 4/10  Mark Serwotka quotes
Charles Fourier popularity 6/10  Charles Fourier quotesMaurice Bishop popularity 4/10  Maurice Bishop quotes
Cheddi Jagan popularity 0/10  Cheddi Jagan quotesMax Eastman popularity 0/10  Max Eastman quotes
Christopher Hill popularity 4/10  Christopher Hill quotesMaxim Gorky popularity 5/10  Maxim Gorky quotes
Claude McKay popularity 8/10  Claude McKay quotesMaxim Litvinov popularity 4/10  Maxim Litvinov quotes
Clement Attlee popularity 5/10  Clement Attlee quotesMichael Foot popularity 5/10  Michael Foot quotes
David Lange popularity 6/10  David Lange quotesMichael Harrington popularity 6/10  Michael Harrington quotes
David Lewis popularity 6/10  David Lewis quotesMichel Rocard popularity 0/10  Michel Rocard quotes
Deng Xiaoping popularity 6/10  Deng Xiaoping quotesMikhail Bakunin popularity 5/10  Mikhail Bakunin quotes
Denis Healey popularity 0/10  Denis Healey quotesMilovan Djilas popularity 5/10  Milovan Djilas quotes
Edward Carpenter popularity 4/10  Edward Carpenter quotesMoshe Dayan popularity 5/10  Moshe Dayan quotes
Emile Zola popularity 7/10  Emile Zola quotesMother Jones popularity 8/10  Mother Jones quotes
Emiliano Zapata popularity 8/10  Emiliano Zapata quotesNeil Kinnock popularity 5/10  Neil Kinnock quotes
Erich Fromm popularity 6/10  Erich Fromm quotesNicolae Ceausescu popularity 6/10  Nicolae Ceausescu quotes
Ernest Bevin popularity 4/10  Ernest Bevin quotesNikita Khrushchev popularity 7/10  Nikita Khrushchev quotes
Ernesto 'Che' Guevara popularity 0/10  Ernesto 'Che' Guevara quotesNikolai Bukharin popularity 5/10  Nikolai Bukharin quotes
Eugene Debs popularity 7/10  Eugene Debs quotesNorman Thomas popularity 6/10  Norman Thomas quotes
Fidel Castro popularity 9/10  Fidel Castro quotesOlof Palme popularity 5/10  Olof Palme quotes
Francois Mitterrand popularity 0/10  Francois Mitterrand quotesOtto Bauer popularity 2/10  Otto Bauer quotes
Frantz Fanon popularity 5/10  Frantz Fanon quotesPablo Neruda popularity 8/10  Pablo Neruda quotes
Friedrich Engels popularity 6/10  Friedrich Engels quotesPaul Keating popularity 5/10  Paul Keating quotes
Gary Doer popularity 4/10  Gary Doer quotesPaul Robeson popularity 8/10  Paul Robeson quotes
Gene Roddenberry popularity 6/10  Gene Roddenberry quotesPaul Rose popularity 6/10  Paul Rose quotes
Geoffrey Palmer popularity 6/10  Geoffrey Palmer quotesPeter Fraser popularity 3/10  Peter Fraser quotes
George Bernard Shaw popularity 7/10  George Bernard Shaw quotesPeter Kropotkin popularity 5/10  Peter Kropotkin quotes
George Brown popularity 7/10  George Brown quotesPol Pot popularity 8/10  Pol Pot quotes
George Orwell popularity 8/10  George Orwell quotesRamsay Macdonald popularity 1/10  Ramsay Macdonald quotes
Giuseppe Mazzini popularity 6/10  Giuseppe Mazzini quotesRaymond Williams popularity 6/10  Raymond Williams quotes
Glenda Jackson popularity 7/10  Glenda Jackson quotesRichard Crossman popularity 3/10  Richard Crossman quotes
Golda Meir popularity 8/10  Golda Meir quotesRichard Wright popularity 8/10  Richard Wright quotes
Gordon Brown popularity 6/10  Gordon Brown quotesRobert Bradshaw popularity 5/10  Robert Bradshaw quotes
Gro Harlem Brundtland popularity 3/10  Gro Harlem Brundtland quotesRobert Mugabe popularity 7/10  Robert Mugabe quotes
Gus Hall popularity 6/10  Gus Hall quotesRobert Owen popularity 7/10  Robert Owen quotes
H. G. Wells popularity 5/10  H. G. Wells quotesRosa Luxemburg popularity 6/10  Rosa Luxemburg quotes
Harold Laski popularity 3/10  Harold Laski quotesSaddam Hussein popularity 9/10  Saddam Hussein quotes
Harold Pinter popularity 6/10  Harold Pinter quotesSamora M. Machel popularity 0/10  Samora M. Machel quotes
Harold Wilson popularity 5/10  Harold Wilson quotesShimon Peres popularity 5/10  Shimon Peres quotes
Helen Keller popularity 10/10  Helen Keller quotesSlobodan Milosevic popularity 7/10  Slobodan Milosevic quotes
Helmut Schmidt popularity 7/10  Helmut Schmidt quotesStafford Cripps popularity 0/10  Stafford Cripps quotes
Herbert Marcuse popularity 5/10  Herbert Marcuse quotesStokely Carmichael popularity 7/10  Stokely Carmichael quotes
Hermann Muller popularity 4/10  Hermann Muller quotesSylvia Pankhurst popularity 1/10  Sylvia Pankhurst quotes
Ho Chi Minh popularity 8/10  Ho Chi Minh quotesTheodor W. Adorno popularity 3/10  Theodor W. Adorno quotes
Howard Zinn popularity 7/10  Howard Zinn quotesThomas Sankara popularity 4/10  Thomas Sankara quotes
Hu Jintao popularity 7/10  Hu Jintao quotesTom Mann popularity 6/10  Tom Mann quotes
Hun Sen popularity 0/10  Hun Sen quotesTommy Douglas popularity 7/10  Tommy Douglas quotes
Irving Howe popularity 0/10  Irving Howe quotesTommy Sheridan popularity 0/10  Tommy Sheridan quotes
J. B. S. Haldane popularity 0/10  J. B. S. Haldane quotesTony Benn popularity 5/10  Tony Benn quotes
Jack Layton popularity 6/10  Jack Layton quotesUlrike Meinhof popularity 5/10  Ulrike Meinhof quotes
Jack London popularity 8/10  Jack London quotesUpton Sinclair popularity 8/10  Upton Sinclair quotes
James Callaghan popularity 5/10  James Callaghan quotesVanessa Redgrave popularity 7/10  Vanessa Redgrave quotes
James Connolly popularity 6/10  James Connolly quotesVladimir Lenin popularity 8/10  Vladimir Lenin quotes
James P. Cannon popularity 0/10  James P. Cannon quotesW. E. B. Du Bois popularity 5/10  W. E. B. Du Bois quotes
Jawaharlal Nehru popularity 6/10  Jawaharlal Nehru quotesWalter Benjamin popularity 6/10  Walter Benjamin quotes
Jiang Qing popularity 6/10  Jiang Qing quotesWard Churchill popularity 8/10  Ward Churchill quotes
Jiang Zemin popularity 6/10  Jiang Zemin quotesWilliam Morris popularity 8/10  William Morris quotes
Jim Cairns popularity 0/10  Jim Cairns quotesWilliam Patterson popularity 7/10  William Patterson quotes
Jim Higgins popularity 3/10  Jim Higgins quotesWilly Brandt popularity 6/10  Willy Brandt quotes
Joe Slovo popularity 3/10  Joe Slovo quotesYitzhak Rabin popularity 6/10  Yitzhak Rabin quotes
John Curtin popularity 6/10  John Curtin quotesYuri Andropov popularity 5/10  Yuri Andropov quotes
John Maclean popularity 3/10  John Maclean quotesZhao Ziyang popularity 4/10  Zhao Ziyang quotes
John Reed popularity 6/10  John Reed quotesZulfikar Ali Bhutto popularity 0/10  Zulfikar Ali Bhutto quotes
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